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  1. Nothing is going to change for this year. Most of the dance staff is staying in the Hilton this year so we will get a good look at the spot for next years considerations. Regarding not having a rave Saturday due to misconduct on Friday...that's most likely not going to happen. Everything with Otakon is based on contracts and it would have to be something very serious for that to happen. I agree that the lighting situation in the main room of the current spot is bad and as said in previous posts we have limited control due to it being a public building and it having to stand up to
  2. Sorry we cannot alter the lighting as it is fire code. This means that it would be illegal and we would be heavily fined. No organization is going to take that sort of risk just to attempt to achieve a better lighting effect. Regarding the addition of more stages: We currently don't have the space/equipment budget for that. It would require multiple setups and a ton more space for the acoustics to be correct (which we like to keep at a high quality level). We just don't have the space in our budget for that sort of thing......unless we get a lot more members to come through our door
  3. Sorry guys but like I said in the original post I cannot give you specifics or details. I can't say that it would be more this or that cause we have not seen the space and do not know. We just wanted your opinion and any ideas for/against that you could think of. Also we would be utilizing the skywalk that connects the BCC to the Hilton so you wouldn't need to be walking on the main streets of Baltimore to get to the rave if that is your concern. As far as leaving after the rave is over it would be no difference leaving the Hilton from the rave than from the BCC. Same ending time and
  4. We ask every year for them to be turned off and they turn them to "as low as possible". I believe its part of being a public building and such that they have to have a minimum level of light for the hallways. It might also be due to fire codes. Trust me we think its lame as well but must go with whatever the facility mandates. If it was a private facility we were having the dance at then we would have more freedom.
  5. Thank you guys for all of your info and responses but I was just informed that the Dance/Rave will NOT be moving this year. I repeat that it will NOT be moving this year and will be in its usual location at the Camden Lobby. Honestly we just ran out of time and the contracts had to be finalized. Even though the idea of a move has been tabled for this year it is still possible for Next Year. So PLEASE keep sending in your ideas (pros/cons) and lets keep this channel of information open. As always if you guys want to say anything about the Dance or have questions/concern
  6. In saving space on this thread I replied to Djdanyg's private message to me. To Djdanyg and everyong - Thank you for the very thoughtful posts and keep them coming. I will be meeting with my fellow staffers soon for our April meeting and already have a stack of printouts to go over with them so keep the good ideas coming in. I'm not going anywhere so let me hear your voice. Now is the time since the closer it gets to con the more insane our(Staffers) schedules get. As always tell your friends, tell your crew(BBoys this means YOU!), send emails to DJ's you want to show up, and do
  7. Thanks for the opinions stated thus far. I wish I could go into more detail with you guys but we are still working out finalizing everything in "staff land" and thus can't say anything. To all of the questions of Hiltons rules/restrictions vs. BCC's I'm not 100% on the specifics thus I will not be answering those at this time. Just know that if a move does happen that the staff members of Otakon will have looked into all of the issues you post in this thread and attempt to make it the best event possible year after year. I've actually got an email from the person in charg
  8. There is a possibility of the Dance (aka the Rave) being moved to two of the Hilton's new ballrooms. What I want to know from you guys is the following: 1) For/Against the move and reasons 2) Do you think it would bring in more/less people? 3) Any other comments revolving the above question. Sorry that I can't go into any more detail.
  9. This thread was smashed together with the previous thread so continue to use this one regarding DJ comments.
  10. I've created the official /index.php?showtopic=16082">OtakuRave 2008 Comments and /index.php?showtopic=16083">OtakuRave 2009 Suggestions posts. Please use the above linked threads for any ideas to give to the staff as this thread was really a offshoot of a DJ commentary.
  11. Hi fellow Otaku. I hope everyone had fun at the OtakuRave this year. If you have any comments on anything dealing with the OtakuRave (staff/dj's/lines/setup) please let me know. I will gladly respond to any post and private messages so feel free to let the Dance staff know what you guys thought about the 2008 OtakuRave. Suggestions for 2009 will be in the 2009 section entitled OtakuRave 2009 Suggestions. Thanks in advance for all the comments be them positive or negative. Remember this is your easiest way to get changes made as I will be compiling your statements and running them b
  12. Love the mix Hi5. Working the rave I don't actually have time to listen to the music that I love so thanks for posting the recomp. Love to have you again next year.
  13. Next year I'll try to not be so busy so I can actually meet up w/ you guys. Looked good at the rave though Goof. Glad I got a few seconds to run into you.
  14. I was the dance staffer that helped clear out everyone and get the wheel chair to you and you are more than welcome. I'm glad everything turned out OK. I was worried about you. Yeah you have no worries about getting taken care of at the Rave. It may look like chaos but we take care of our ravers . Hell the more energetic and crazy you guys are the better it makes us feel inside for putting on the show and you rocked out so hard you blew out your knee!! Glad you had a good time(well before your knee) and from all the Dance Staff we hope to see you again next year!!
  15. Sorry for my long overdue response to most of you but the life of a staffer is always busy at best. The general themes of this thread so far are: Confunk Anime themed music Breakers New ideas As far as Confunk we (the dance team staffers) will try to do what we can about it. My suggestion to you guys is to be prepared to switch rooms if it gets really bad in the small room. The reason being is that the convention won't be blasting the AC and we will do what we can for ventilation and such. We cannot spray anything (due to allergic responses of the populous) and
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