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  1. I would love you forever for this! As for me, I've done several: Jade/Shauni from Beyond Good & Evil - Most gamers vaguely recognized it, but the game was a commercial failure, so I can count on one hand the number of people that have been able to name the character. I call it the best game that no one's played. Vampire from Gantz - This was more of a throw-together costume that I never expect anyone to recognize. The anime is pretty obscure to begin with and it only goes as far as the Buddha statue story arc before it goes off on its own tangent. Oboro from Basilis
  2. Heyyyy will anyone recognize a Lovely Complex group? It's fairly obscure. ><" I will be Otani, I know I have a Koizumi and we're looking into having Seiko and Nobu. ^^ We need some guys....if anyone is interested. XD Another obscure I'll be wearing is Rikku's wetsuit, FFX. ><; We're hoping to have an out there group of NPCs. XD Elma, Cid and Shelinda among that. ^^
  3. No one realizes I'm Yuna when I wear the wedding dress- but I don't really expect anyone to, so I'm happy when someone does! XD
  4. So! Who out there is going to Otakon as a FF character? I know cosplay.com has a huge amount of people that will come, but let's talk here! I'll be Celes and Yuna in her wedding dress. I'll also have Terra with me! Anyone else?
  5. Yet another change.... I'm definitely keeping Yuna and Celes. I'll be with Terra. I'll also have a Shadow and Strago. XD Yey for FF6! I may wear a WW Link on Sunday. (blue lobster shirt and orange capris)
  6. CHANGES!!!! No Trucy anf Ema this year. Instead we'll be.......CELES and TERRA! It's closer to our own designs, but incorporating amano and CG from the PSone FF6. So excited!!!
  7. 1 yay that your being yuna, youll have to find me then and 2. ive lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks so being ultra ripped for gannondorf and tidus is coming along great
  8. BLEH. Changes made... I'm definitely being Yuna and Trucy. The Mario Kart cosplay has been pushed to later... I'm sure I'll be with Ema Skye. Kenshin is being debated...I may have a Maester Kinoc or Maester Mica with me. And I'll probably have the Fayth with me. ^^
  9. I was Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess on Friday with Master Roshi (turtle shell). On Saturday and Sunday I was Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle (green dress) with black-haired Howl and Master Roshi. Any links to any of our cosplays would be much appreciated. ^^
  10. I also might try to squeeze in Ashe (ff12) but I have no idea how... currently searching for: SEYMOUR!
  11. OMG If you go as Yuna in the Wedding Dress.... I SOOOOOOOOOOOO Have to get a picture with you next year at Otakon since im going as Tidus
  12. This is the plan... I'll be... Trucy Wright with Mr.Hat (Apollo Justice) Yuna in wedding dress (FFX) I'll most likely be with... Ema Skye (Phoenix Wright) OVA Rurouni Kenshin Possibly maybe be with... Master Roshi or if I can convince my dad...Maester Kinoc. (DBZ/ FFX) He may also be MGS4 Snake. And props to the FF6 group because it's plain awesome someone is doing all of that. I love FF6 and I don't think it gets enough attention. ^^
  13. I'll be Twilight Princess Zelda on Friday, not Saturday. ><"
  14. Thanks. ^^ I'm trying to make a Freezie in time, and I'm sure it'll be done by then.
  15. Zelda is here! I'm cosplaying as her on Friday, though. Where is the Friday photoshoot?
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