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  1. 25 hours plus stops each way from Winnipeg, MB, Canada in minivan with 4-5 other friends.
  2. -Sailor Moon "A Crystal Clear Destiny" the up/down/up/down feeling of this episode had the 7 year old me as a wreck by the end, Darrien (yes Darrien) finds out Serena is Sailor Moon, he reveals himself as Tuxedo Mask. OMG ALl the Rainbow Crystals. OMG SILVER CRYSTAL! OMG SERENA IS THE PRINCESS!!!!!!! OMG THEY GOT DARRIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention having MY Only Love playing the whole way through was just great. -Pokemon "Bye Bye Butterfree" episode. I loved Butterfree, I mean it was the first pokemon Ash caught, I loved that guy...in my head I had an awesome idea for him to retur
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