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  1. #1 did you have to sign for it? #2 was there a tracking # on the package? Yes, and yes. There's a tracking number on the door tag USPS left in my mailbox this morning.
  2. Heh, well the plan is for the data to be in a format that we can more easily import it into our database. Hopefully that goes as planned and no one has to manually update each profile. Can I ask - what part of the member area of the website are the tracking numbers going to be posted? After you log in, on the sidebar of the main website click on "View Membership History." The tracking info for your badge will be listed with your registration info for Otakon 2015.
  3. I can't even imagine how long that would take... literally thousands of tracking numbers having to be linked and inputted into their corresponding member profiles This ain't magic, people!
  4. Yeah, no worries. Haven't gotten any tracking info myself.
  5. that's right. I LOVE me some Stocking

  6. Sad that it took me a year to see the comment you left on my profile D: but yesss, FLCL ftw

  7. My SteamID is hard to find, so instead look for my email at SuperOtakuRu@yahoo.com
  8. I'm currently pounding out Haruhi and Lucky Star one episode per night at a time. Both make me giggle.
  9. I've never seen anyone cosplay him, and some who aren't familiar with the series won't know who he is, but I'm cosplaying as Sado "Chad" Yasutora from Bleach this year.
  10. Well darn, I could use a few brospehs to chill with in the PM hours since I'll be running to photoshoots all day. Who's down? I'm flying solo this year and I'll be all by my lonesome self. ._______.;
  11. So uhm, have we chosen a location yet?
  12. Name (First name or Alias):: Megan Age:: 20 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con?:: It's usually a good idea. Drink or smoke:: Drinking, socially. Tell us about yourself:: I'm your average student working his way through college. I enjoy airsoft, anime, video games, and chilling with friends as well as meeting new people and socializing and trying new things with people. -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels?:: Only id I'm real interested. Do you attend the dances/raves?:: Practically the highlight of the con for me. Do you spe
  13. I had a rather nasty one last night... dreamed that I arrived at my hotel and the manager was a snobby little man-priss and wouldn't accept my reservation since it was made through PassKey.
  14. As of late, I'm just having con nightmares getting this room filled. x__x;
  15. Rewatching Bebop for old time's sake. Can't believe it's been ten years... I feel old.
  16. Turns out I'm flying solo, unless my female companion can make it at least one of the days.
  17. I've determined the extra night in a hotel isn't worth the Thursday pre-reg. Hopefully there's nothing good going on Friday morning...
  18. I actually decided to opt out of Thursday night... Pre reg just isn't worth having to pay another night at a hotel.
  19. I believe I've said this before, but once it's almost con time, I can't even sleep.
  20. May I suggest the OST's from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune? It'll getcha drivin' FAST, I can tell you that much. Other than that, it's Clubland X-THC 4 and 5 for the drive down. Seven and a half hours of hardcore ftw. Unless of course we do decide to fly this year ;___;
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