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  1. Yeah seriously, screw it, I just made our reservations online, two rooms cost us $1,140 and that's just fine with me. I mean, what would we save with the Otakon rate, all of 60 bucks a room? It won't matter anyway with all the money I'm gonna be spending next year. For the record, I did put "Looking for Otakon 2008 Rates" in the Comment Box for my reservation. But I guess we'll see. If I do end up getting that call from the Days then we'll go with that and cancel the reservation we just made... Yeah, this was a bad move on the part of the Days Inn.
  2. Wtf? Waiting list? If you don't answer your phone when they call, you'll be taken off the list?? Oh, hell no.
  3. Telling people that here is like telling a male dog to behave himself when he's surrounded with female dogs in heat. 8)
  4. I get out of work right at midnight, so we'll see how that goes I guess XD EDIT: I just spoke with a representative from reservations. They said they won't accept reservations until 8AM, when their reservations office opens.
  5. Soooo... who's gonna be the first to call the Days at 8AM on Wednesday the 15th?
  6. More mixes of old songs. I heard Van Halen's "Jump" in rave form and went berserk.
  7. I took one step in that Dealer's Room this year and realized the $100 in my pocket was nowhere near enough for this slice of godliness. Next year I'm bringing $1k+ just for the Dealer's Room. I wouldn't mind picking up a couple of nice swords. A substantial amount of Manga to add to my library would be nice, too. An import DS Lite to play Jump Ultimate Stars is near the top of my list as well. Lifetime supplies of Pocky are pretty cool. And wallscrolls, too. I don't want to be able to see the paint my walls anymore. >=3 I figure I'll bring a separate bag JUST for all the stuff I'm
  8. Yeah, I'll drink to that. While the costumes were generally good and I <3 me a few episodes of Naruto and Bleach now and then, there were SOOO MANYYY Bleach/Naruto cosplays it wasn't even funny.
  9. Sacrifices? Screw that. Now taking donations. Please PM me your generous offers.
  10. Seeing as the Days is around 160 a night, and I really don't care about hotel quality or amenities since I'll only be spending about 6 hours a night in the room (though a fridge would be nice...) I think I'll survive a sub-par hotel that's a stone's throw away from the BCC. The conveinience just can't be beat. This past year I was stuck at the Mariott about 7 or 8 blocks away.. it was a little creepy walking back at night and I had to stay with my friend and his girlfriend (yeah, they slept together, I was on the sofa.... awkwarrrrrrd ><) I'd much rather just have a room to myself a
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