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  1. As everyone aforementioned, wearing comfy clothes on Sunday is a good idea. It's just easier that way, and you'll be less exhausted running around saying goodbye to all your new friends and snagging up last-minute deals at the DR.
  2. Pretty cool it's a good start.
  3. It's really up to you. I know some people who do as many as ten cosplays throughout the weekend. For me, it's a matter of what stays clean. I rarely ever wear a costume for more than half the day. If I don't feel like cosplaying, I throw on whatever is comfortable to walk around in. Jeans, a t-shirt, etc. There's really no rules to how many cosplays you do, how long you do them for, or what you wear all weekend. Do what you want to do! Just do us all a favor and SHOWER.
  4. I saw a picture of you somewhere. Looked like a great setup.
  5. Valentine's Day, the release of Street Fighter IV, my girlfriend's birthday, and now early bird pre-reg? I'm gonna be so poor this month.
  6. I'm likely missing something due to my inexperience with doing my own taxes, but why would you want a minimal refund?
  7. Seeing as this is the first year I haven't been unemployed or had my payroll withdrawals messed up, my tax refund should be rather nice and I might just put that away for Otakon. Anybody else consider their tax refund to be a factor in this situation?
  8. I've seen quite a few odd cosplays in my day, and I thought it would be fun to discuss the strangest or most unheard of cosplays you've seen, whether they gave you a nerdgasm or just made you go "wtf?" I think one of the most obscure cosplays that I was real happy to see was a girl cosplaying Justicia from The Crystal of Kings. She had the long blond hair and everything, it was pretty awesome, near perfect for a game that pretty much nobody's heard of.
  9. We plan to have a nice little party of five, that being one of my best friends, a lady friend of mine, two others yet to be decided, and I. My girlfriend can't make it this year, sadly, but I guess it's a good idea to stray from couples when planning your contourage, lest there be an outbreak of drama which is a TOTAL buzzkill, believe you me.
  10. I'll definitely try and make it. I'd love to take some pictures of good Haruhi cosplay.
  11. Does this mean I might not get a room since I reserved by phone?
  12. Would it be possible to show the new Street Fighter anime movie that's packed in with the Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition? It looks rather promising.
  13. Interesting.. I hope I see this.
  14. I'm pretty sure this system is in effect to prevent people from calling the hotels, and because it's easier for everyone in the end. Give your hotel a call on or after July 9th if you want to check on your reservation.
  15. I'm trying to stay as hopeful as possible. It's a combination of optimism and grave fear. -.-
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