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  1. And there aren't any confirmed guests or anything....it's painful. On that note, Ru, did alabaster ever decide on that Most Thankful thread? I didn't see any posts on it...
  2. I'm PMing you the Housing Coordinator's contact information. You're better off asking him. Make sure you have your acknowledgment number on hand.
  3. We're officially six months away, kids. This is killin' me.
  4. Why Reeves... seriously, where was the thought in that? He's certainly not capable of portraying Spike's character..
  5. Eh.. I guess I kind of see what you mean. But there's really a lot of diversity as far as genres go nowadays. I don't really see one company sticking to one genre, if that's what you're getting at.
  6. It is time yet again for an attempt at faith in an NFC team... Here's to victory, Philly.
  7. Don't forget it is now legit to do a DC/Mortal Kombat shoot. /failure ><;
  8. Otakon hasn't used laminated badges for several years. The badge designs are different each year, and your badge isn't valid with a year-specific holographic design sticker and that year's year-specific badge holder. There's talk of using designs that specifically screw around with photocopiers, or using non-repro blue stuff, or changing the dimensions of the badge. Not to mention if you're caught defrauding the corporation, you'll be talking to our lawyer and a gentleman with a badge.
  9. That would be a nice chance to get to some of the nicer sushi places south of the BCC...
  10. Gas prices are supposed to average out at about $2/gal this year, but I guess it all depends on the recession. I set my budget for $4.50/gal just in case.
  11. Here's to hoping the Giants get swept away by my birds. GO PHILLY!!
  12. I think I know what you're asking. I'm pretty sure how it works is Otakon reserves the block now, but the passkey system doesn't send the detailed reservations until a week before the convention so that the hotel doesn't have paranoid people calling and asking about their reservations every other week. It's just easier for hotel staff that way. Also, you cannot reserve a room under the Otakon block directly at the hotel. You have to make it through the passkey system. In fact, if you try to reserve an Otakon block room at the hotel, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't know what you're talking a
  13. We're officially in 2009... it's coming!! xD Er, happy new year. ^^
  14. http://www.maclife.com/article/iphone/i_love_katamari Holy crap. I kind of saw this coming, but I never thought it would actually happen. Discuss.
  15. Football isn't really the hottest thing for me, seeing as I live in Buffalo and the Bills are an absolutely laughable team.
  16. Spreading the Christmas cheer on the boards here ^^ What did everyone get for the holidays?
  17. Oh. You mean how just because something is perverted and obscene doesn't mean it's actually doing any harm to anyone? Yeah. A pen and some paper can be a mighty danger to society (warning: that was sarcasm). Still, how anyone finds any appeal in that material is beyond me. Maybe some form of mandatory counseling would be a more suitable punishment seeing as how there are clearly some issues there.
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