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  1. Well, submissions for DJ positions for next year rave are still being accepted, so there's no telling who'll be DJing As for '08, I'm not quite sure.
  2. ota_retired


    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Kelun yet. The vocals are just... beautiful.
  3. ota_retired

    Otaku Varibale

    Looks adorable! Gonna have to get one for my gf. Otakon will be her first convention, unless we go to Anime North up here. Either way, it will be her first REAL convention.
  4. Haha, this could be the new Pirates vs. Ninjas. Y'know, if Naruto weren't ninjas already. >>;
  5. ota_retired

    Otaku Varibale

    A survival book on anime conventions? Sounds awesome. I wouldn't mind reading it. ^^ How close are you to your goal of publishing the book?
  6. How to keep a tired anime fan awake over a long drive? Nico Nico Douga. End. Of. Thread. xD
  7. Seriously guys, this isn't really a huge problem. Hotels have blinds that, for the most part, can make your room pitch black at high noon. There's really no reason to complain.
  8. Honestly have to say I LOVE THIS GAME. Online has improved greatly, Horde co-op is a blast. Campaign and story are great, the part where
  9. That's very sad... he will be missed greatly.
  10. Oh my GOD... it's taking forever.. only 8 more months, though..
  11. As much as I wish I could this year, college has me raped. So no.
  12. So I'm bored, and I'm kinda interested in what anime everyone likes to watch/wants to watch/is watching currently. I'm on episode 14 of Fushigi Yugi.. my girly is missing the third and fourth DVDs and I don't feel like skipping all the way to the fifth disc, so I feel compelled to buy her the box set @.@ I'm also looking to snag the Outlaw Star box from Best Buy, and maybe even the Cowboy Bebop box, because -gasp- I haven't actually seen the whole series, and kinda because I want to see how the 5.1 "remix" version sounds. Not to mention the new season of Vampire Knight started a
  13. Suicide Club was AWESOME. A little confusing, but awesome nonetheless. I still havent seen its sequel/side story though. I also want to see the L movie, but I still need to pick up the second Death Note movie.
  14. That L movie looks good. Kinda wanna see Suicide Club too.
  15. Seeing as it falls on Valentine's Day weekend and I owe the lovely lady a nice Valentine''s Day this year, I'm gonna go ahead and say no Katsucon for me this year. Besides it just won't be the same without the Omni.
  16. I just saw the trailer and I gotta say it looks awesome. Corny like you'd expect from pretty much any super-gory Japanese movie (Suicide Club anyone?) but it still looks sweet. I'd watch it.
  17. Vampire Hunter D? Please? Edit: The one from '85, not Bloodlust!
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