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  1. This accusation is ridiculous. It's an animated depiction of "obscene" acts, not actual photographs, so isn't that technically legal?
  2. You know what they say.. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  3. RTeker, I'm with you on the whole "not cartoons" thing. Last time I checked, the station's name is CARTOON Network. Cartoons are animated. So I ask you then, what the f--k is mediocre crap like Tim & Eric and Saul of the Mole Men doing on a CARTOON station? What's more is what the hell is this crap even doing on television in the first place?
  4. I'm starting to think CN somehow lost all their rights to anime. I mean, they just started Guardian of the Spirit and then they just stopped, and now they only show the newest Bleach and the same old reruns of FMA on Saturdays. Off topic, but I love how Adult Swim tries to cover it up by being a total jackass.
  5. Vampire Knight night and day classes report immediately to Otakon 2009!
  6. Dude, that sucks. Totally lame. The extra sleep on Thursday will do us good, I guess.
  7. You guys wouldn't happen to want to show Lucky Star 1-8 again next year, would you? My girl is dying to see it.
  8. If Club Otaku is on for next year, I wanna get a bunch of Valve cosplayers together that play guitar/drums/etc. and do Still Alive so someone can get it on video for YouTube. I'd love to do it for the Masquerade, but instruments would be an issue.. =/
  9. Don died Monday due to a blood clot in his lungs that caused one of his lungs to collapse. He was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. only a week before. If you don't know who this guy is, it doesn't matter because you've probably all heard his voice at some point (he was on Family Guy and a Geico commercial not too long ago). He was a highly sought-after voice over artist. He narrated many, many, MANY movie trailers and is known as "The Voiceover Master" and "The voice of movie trailers." We'll all miss you, Don
  10. Have you not seen the "Tainted Donuts" AMV with Spike and his crew trying to collect the bounty on Vash? Sheer genius.
  11. I always associated "Swag" with anything. Free was more so....5 finger discount. Stolen or not. >_>
  12. Holy crippity crap! Where do you get the time to have made 2 costumes already? You're fast.
  13. I'm a little baffled by this because, well.. it's not an AMV.
  14. LOL! That's true. Stupid frivolous law suits.
  15. Once I saw the room rates for this year, communication didn't really matter anyway since we'd easily be able to afford it by just bringing people we knew in the area. With room rates like these, I really see no reason to overstuff unless you're really completely dirt poor. We only have 4 people in our room this year and we're going to love it
  16. I'm so psyched for next year. With my new job and school starting, time's gonna fly. I've already got two cosplays done, one just needs some minor work. That, and Otakon is going to be so cheap for me next year thanks to those godly hotel rates and 3 friends staying with me. Not to mention I'll probably be going as press for NProject, which equals free registration
  17. You guys know that the term "swag" refers to stuff you get for free, right?
  18. Seeing as the hotels went so far down in price, I'm feeling rather good about Otakon next year. With four people in our party, it'll only be about $300 per person for hotel and travel. And I got a new job. ^^v
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