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  1. When it was formally announced, and with aught else concurrent to divide attention, I had passively resigned to checking hotel booking for 2021 later this year. Apparently, despite how labelled and marked as critical for updates, all but the most recent letter from Otakorp went to my promotions bin in Gmail. Manys a panel I was keen to after reading schedule for yesterday, as well missing out on the two usual accommodations my small and longevitous dedicated group books since the move from Baltimore to DC - being the Cambrian and Embassy. (If anyone has booked an extra room at either, pleas
  2. Indeed! I say, you have not received the proper credit, those comic strips were brilliant! You are hereby awarded 75 cool points (CP)!
  3. So I run into car problems (thanks Midas for the oil change and the car break on the house) a week shy of Otakon 08 and was forced to pursue alternate forms of transportation. The car rental company would have charged me an extra $160 for the duration of the trip on account of being 22 years old... it's times like that I really appreciate my immature, party-going, ingrate age group's stereotype. So Greyhound it is! We arrive at the terminal an hour early as instructed but are seemingly blocked off by a middle-aged black man asking, and I quote, "Do ya have any scuma? Ya? For me? Please?" I jus
  4. I never hit the Manga Library, tho it was definitely one of my things to do, I think partially because we couldn't find it, despite the clear maps and titles. *sigh*
  5. YOU PEOPLE KICKED ASS AND TOOK NAMES!!! Outstanding plethora of events. BOTH raves were awesomeness, as well as the choice for OAVs (Ultimate Hellsing rocked, and kudos to FUNimation for the pre-release English dub of episode 4), and the panels were amazing! Tho this is my first time, I don't imagine could get any better on anything I could orchestrate, yet I hear each subsequent year just gets better and better. I am COMING back next year, and will spread news around my other friends and to their friends of this, or maybe even around town on public bulletins. *takes his Respird
  6. I went this year and did my homework on past otakons, the main course seems to be all day Saturday with an appetizer being up Friday morning thru the afternoon with all the non-prereg people in miles of line outside the building. And what with the raves being Friday and Saturday night as well as all the 18+ material and most demanded OAVs showing Saturday afternoon and evening... 1500 on Sunday seems a good time to have the closing ceremony and con feedback done with and preparing for real life again. Just me tho. Again, kick ass this year. Kudos.
  7. I grabbed 4 nights at the Holiday Inns middle of last year for 189/night and had to take a bus at the last second but got here and loved it. I stayed thru the feedback, heard the dates for next year were July 17th-19th, but DIDN'T immediately make a reservation when I got back to the hotel... I was so depressed it was over I wasn't thinking straight heh heh heh... But I got the reservations in the same hotel the next day for July 16th-20th but at 269/night for 3 nights and then 189/night for Sunday. Can the housing system change my rate to that of Otakon or do I have to get lucky wit
  8. LoL. Thankx for the advice :]
  9. Greetings... *waves* This will be my first con on this scale, so besides being a nub this time around, I also want to be as convincing as possible. I'll be going as Train Heartnet from Black Cat (I imagine I've said that enough on a few threads.... sorry....) but regardless, I'm not aware of the rules for cosplay besides something I heard about metal not being allowed. Does that apply to small diecast metal guns... probably yes... but just verifying? The point I was hoping I could gather even the slightest of opinions on how to go about doing this. I've everything arranged excepting
  10. This will be my first con, so maybe I could provide a newbish perspective for your podcost Even so, I would be honored to assist you in this matter.
  11. In no particular order of days: Train Heartnet - Black Cat Kankuro (with my weightless friend on my back as Crow) - Naruto Hoshikagi Kisame - Naruto Legato Bluesummers- Trigun I'm excited about going as Train, I'll have the cat eyes, tho I can't stand contacts
  12. It is a thing of frustration yes, con-goers disputing the upheld rules of common sense/courtesy. Alabaster put it best, "Your right to throw a punch ends when you hit me in the face", a precise synopsis of the over-all theme of freedom within a controlled environment, in my opinion. You can have your cake, and eat it too, but expect retribution if you shove your cake in someone's face. I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I'm all for fun and games if someone wants to cosplay and such and have their paddles, but keep it to yourselves... and if it causes such problems that they'
  13. but but.... SHIEK: CONFIRMED!!! for me, all is well, another month is a small price to pay *sigh*
  14. Legos > All (for the record) I also had my SNES and Stretch Armstrong... life was good and simple *sigh*
  15. This from the other thread: Nov 13 2007, 03:34 PM Post #34 Otaku In Training Group: Members Posts: 156 Joined: 13-August 07 From: lost within my mind... Member No.: 14,161 In my blind optomism of Shiek being in Brawl I went searching the forums all over various sites and came across this: ======================== Sheik and Ganondorf confirmed for Brawl Posted on August 2nd, 2007 by Wailord. Categories: SSBB, Wii. In an interview from GameInformer, Eiji Aonuma, who directed Twilight Princess, let go that both Sheik and Ganondorf
  16. Indeed I sayeth to thou wise prophet, if Sheik goeth, there most certainly beith death. . . :evil:
  17. Speaking of clone wars, something that was mentioned under Bowser's description is that there would be some differences in how the characters are controlled and that if we think we can jump right into their melee style of fighting then we are mistaken. So from that I depict things won't be so simple as big = slow and strong (although that actually makes more sense that way... *shrug*) More over, I'm getting more and more concerned our favorate clones from SSBM and some regulars from SSB are being given the boot to make way for more well-rounded and multi-classing characters. Example:
  18. lol Jimm you "impulsed" a 360... *stares enviously* my tag is Miyazaki Nagato
  19. It's almost 0700 and I'm getting relief in about 15 minutes, when from the background I hear a commercial with this guy saying, "This has to be my favorate time of the year... that's right it's Chevy Truck Month... (etc, etc)" Poor fella must have pretty low aspirations or no life or both hahaha /end sarcasm
  20. Actually... I failed to mention I have a good friend teaching EngRish with his wife in Tokyo. I think he's gonna let us recover from jetlag and spend a day or 2 finding a good hotel to stay in while we're there so that's helpful... pretty sure he's taking us out on the town a few nights to hit all the local social scenes and live up the night life. He said something about stopping by the Akihabara in a folly attempt to school me in DDR... that will be the day *snickers* Kind of a side point but a good lesson all the same is hold on to your friends no matter how distant! Zar, my friend I'm
  21. Thanks for the tip =) Whats so expensive about Golden Week for 3-4 guys/girls whom will most likely spend most our nights (the ones we don't have specific plans for) drinking sake and meeting as many people as we can lol :?: Aside all the price fluxuation and what not, why would an over-all kid's week off of school be all that more expensive?
  22. Hmmm bit of a gap here... rest assure I'm not "post padding"... My friends and I are trying to save in the range of $50-$75 per paycheck in order to have enough to take a 2 week excursion within the next few years. Our goal is to get there for Golden Week, the newest Naruto movie, or the newest Detective Conan movie... but ultimately we just want to get there and that's putting it lightly :wink: *snickers* Per some other friends' request, we're gonna record the purchase of panties from the vending machine Those Japanese are so perverted lol...
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