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  1. I have been to 17 conventions so far. All but 4 have required me getting accommodation somewhere. For 5 conventions, I have had pre arranged accommodation, either though a group booking that the convention ran themselves (similar to the Otakon staff block booking) or because someone I was going with booking the room. For those other 8 conventions, I have ‘attached’ myself to a group that were looking for someone to fill a space in their room. I have never once had a problem getting a room. I sorted out my Otakon 06 room a week before I left on my trip that year. 3 weeks before Otakon. I’m f
  2. Not trying to shoot you down or anything similar, but 5 miles isn't that bad really... ? No... I guess I'm just odd lol :x
  3. If it is, why are there's no info yet on the web page? Also, what exactly are the con rates for these hotels?
  4. If it helps any, a few Days Inns 5-6 miles from the convent center are taking reservations at decent, regular prices. I'm holding out for the one besides the center but just in case grabbed a room for $89 and $109 on different days from Thursday thru Monday just a thought :wink:
  5. <--- ignore... just had a rude receptionist or something, or was mistaken on the details
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