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  1. You know some times people get a room and try and fill it because they arn't sure they will get a room for Otakon and arn't a part of a big group. I actually got a room for Otakon two years ago and tried to fill it because I wan't sure I would find people to room with the next year. Plus while I do enjoy staying with people. I have been in rooms where the rooms holder is a nazi about rules. I had one that wanted everyone back in the room by 11pm. I had to back out because I don't want a mother to sit and tell me what to do.
    I have been to 17 conventions so far. All but 4 have required me getting accommodation somewhere. For 5 conventions, I have had pre arranged accommodation, either though a group booking that the convention ran themselves (similar to the Otakon staff block booking) or because someone I was going with booking the room.

    For those other 8 conventions, I have ‘attached’ myself to a group that were looking for someone to fill a space in their room. I have never once had a problem getting a room. I sorted out my Otakon 06 room a week before I left on my trip that year. 3 weeks before Otakon. I’m fairly sure that if I needed to, I’d be able to find a room, at the Otakon rate, 2 days before Otakon 08.

  2. I am waiting on exactly 2 contracts (Days Inn and Sheraton City Center formerly Wyndham). Everything else is set to go.

    If it is, why are there's no info yet on the web page? Also, what exactly are the con rates for these hotels?

    Prices for the Holiday Inn and the Days Inn skyrocketed this year. Shame, but what can ya do?
  3. If it helps any, a few Days Inns 5-6 miles from the convent center are taking reservations at decent, regular prices. I'm holding out for the one besides the center but just in case grabbed a room for $89 and $109 on different days from Thursday thru Monday

    just a thought :wink:

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