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  1. Will otakon at anytime include the Brookshire suites, or the harbor courtyard at all within the next few months at all. I am trying to register for a room, and so far I have managed to find nothing whatsoever at all. Or will those come into play at the minute. Plus will otakon please update the hotel stats on the page to say that everything is sold out completely.
  2. Voices of a distant star,Gunslinger Girl. Now and here, then and there
  3. This thursday i'l be able to come up and explore the city for once. And not have to stand in line for two hours on a humid day. Its wonderful indeed going up on a thursday
  4. crossing the fingers that i will arrive on thursday morning @ 12 pm and leaving sunday @ 2pm
  5. Budget for otakon hotel 3 nights =450.00 train= 132.00 Food bring along=10.00 a day spending= 300.00 1 rule i have, if I buy it. It absolutely must fit in the suitecase that i am carrying if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be at all. I seriously have to consider my limits since i will be dolling out for a new car this year, and insurance and taxes. Plus add in the cost of college.
  6. FMA , Kanon, Howl's moving castle for some reason with the garden he presents to her as a gift makes me bawl for like 10 minutes straight.
  7. Cowboy Behbop and Grave of the fireflies. I cried like a baby for a good hour after i saw them.
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