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  1. Received mine today, huzzah. Mail lady actually made me sign for it, so I guess the people not getting signatures are just lazy mail carriers. Seems like a waste to pay for the signature requirement though if the mail carriers are going to randomly ignore it. Didn't have to sign for my ACen or AX badges. I'm glad Otakon at least included the lanyard though instead of making me pick it up on-site like the other two.
  2. Got my tracking number finally, says my badge should arrive tomorrow. Guess I won't be able to sleep in this weekend...
  3. I submitted a help desk ticket for the same issue and was basically given the polite equivalent of "I dunno lol." They did at least confirm that I am registered, but beyond that they apparently have no clue why the system is displaying like that.
  4. No badge or tracking number here either. Kind of frustrating honestly. But as long as it gets here before Day 0, I'll be okay.
  5. Nobody has received them yet, they haven't been mailed. Just be patient.
  6. Yeah, I'd be excited for this announcement except I'm wondering about the autograph situation too. I detest lotteries and I would absolutely loathe having one for a guest like this (or any guest really). Would rather have the 6 AM Friday morning line for passes than that. The new autograph area that was set up last year where Saori Hayami had her autograph session would be ideal for a guest like this, so I hope they use it again and just have an open autograph session. And more than one session would also be ideal. I think Jim mentioned having her for the entire weekend earlier so maybe th
  7. Stereopony was a great band, and that show in Boston did rock. I hadn't heard of them forming a new group but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it.
  8. Well that eliminates several options... It isn't Megumi Hayashibara and it isn't Maaya Sakamoto... Hmmm...
  9. Well, got the Friday musical guest guess wrong. Oh well, there's always next time I suppose. Looks like a cool group, and their music is pretty good from what I've listened to so far. Looking forward to seeing them perform.
  10. Curious about this as well. One of the cool things about getting artists is that sometimes they draw. Though with the crowds that Otakon typically brings it can be pretty difficult to get anything. But maybe he'll submit a piece to the charity auction?
  11. Well, I submitted my guess for the Friday music act after randomly stumbling through Wikipedia and finding a band description that fit the three main criteria. No idea if I'm actually right though, since I couldn't make any sense out of the haiku at all. Guess we'll see whether my luck from Otakon Vegas holds out.
  12. Well, seems Aniplex is leaning heavily on promoting A.Z, wonder what Funimation and Sentai are up to...
  13. Not necessarily the case. I know there have been several instances of dub guest overlap between cons. A couple of years ago I actually had a running count of the number of repeat guests between all the cons I attended that year. Vic Mignogna in particular is basically everywhere; he clocked in as a guest at 5 out of 6 cons I attended that year, including both AX and Otakon if memory serves me correctly. I think Christina Vee is another one that has done back-to-back appearances between the two shows as well. You can look up a particular actor's appearances by doing a search for their name on A
  14. Very cool to see Aoki at an east coast con. I just know Aniplex is going to pull their usual "Buy Fate/Zero at our booth for a ticket to a special autograph session" shenanigans though, and then probably not accept me saying that I already bought it elsewhere.
  15. I like contests. Contests are fun.
  16. Most excellent, I eagerly await the good news.
  17. Yeah, like I said, I understand the logistical side of the problem. And I'm fine with the artist declining me personally for any of the reasons you've cited. I'm just a fan and I can't control what they're personally willing to do, and I'm not going to throw a tantrum or act all offended if they don't want to draw for me. That's why I always bring a backup item or just have them sign a blank shikishi. My beef is more with whatever industry people accompany said artist where they completely slam the hammer down and don't allow it at all, regardless of what the artist himself/herself is pers
  18. What I really want are manga-ka (and other animation guests) who will actually draw for people if it's requested... And not just in a heavily controlled industry panel where only a very select few might get lucky enough to get something pre-drawn, or a charity auction piece that will get bid up to an insanely high price (though the latter are very much appreciated when I can actually afford them, lol). I was very happy when Hidenori Matsubara agreed to draw something for me after the rest of his autograph line had been cleared. I know in an event like Otakon with crowding issues and high deman
  19. Well, if this article is correct, Origa definitely won't be a guest this year, either at Otakon or anywhere else. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-01-18/ghost-in-the-shell-singer-origa-passes-away/.83416 Really saddened by this news. Part of me hopes it ends up being a hoax.
  20. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the older manga-ka who may not be busy working on something new and popular, personally speaking. I'm sure they stay perpetually busy with something or other but maybe somebody older who hasn't been in the limelight for a while would be an easier target. Animators and character designers are also appreciated. Was very pleased to be able to meet Hidenori Matsubara and get a sketch from him last year.
  21. See this response earlier in the thread (bolding is mine for emphasis): Origa appeared at Anime Boston last year, and now Youmacon this year. So given the above quote from alabaster, I'd say that makes an Otakon appearance less likely, given their general policy towards musical guests.
  22. Kajiura has been to Anime Boston and Anime Expo in the past few years, so given the above remarks about Otakon's focus being on the new and unknown and never seen in the US before, it's probably unlikely that she'll be invited to Otakon for a musical performance. Maybe if she's promoting some new group like she did with Kalafina at Anime Boston a few years ago. As for SAO2, given the success the series has seen so far, I fully expect Aniplex to continue riding that gravy train for as long as possible. I would be very surprised if they didn't have at least some sort of promotional tie-in at
  23. I adore Megumi Hayashibara and would absolutely love to see her as a guest, but the odds of it actually happening are virtually nil. Never say never, of course... But I'm not going to hold my breath. I'd love for Jim and crew to prove me wrong though. Of course, with the crowding issues and the con having to resort to policies like random lotteries for concert tickets and possibly even autographs, somebody as big as Megumi I would almost rather not see until after the move to DC when the con hopefully has the space to meet the demand for seeing her and doesn't have to resort to things like
  24. I'll go ahead and add Aya Hisakawa to my request list. Sailor Mercury is and will forever be my favorite anime girl ever, so I'd love to meet her seiyuu someday.
  25. Oh yes, I'll go ahead and add in a request for Nami Tamaki again as well. I'd really love to see her again.
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