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  1. I got the disc. I have to say, I'm not really impressed by it as a whole game, however the whole land/sea skill and leveling system is interesting. It's pretty good for a free MMO, but I play so many other things that it's not worth keeping installed.
  2. Not much: Final Fantasy Mini Figurine (I got Squall) Final Fantasy Tactics Figurine (Ovelia, both figurines were for work desk) Kingdom Hearts 2 Poster "Team L" T-Shirt Kingdom Hearts "Heartless" pendant Gunblade
  3. Already have a room at the Hyatt-Regency. :3
  4. No, not everybody has one. I personally refuse to use MySpace.
  5. They didn't have a Death Note badge? WHAT THE HELL?
  6. Sleeping was over for me 2 hours ago. Stupid work thing. Only 3 more hours of work...only 3 more hours...3 more hours...*dead*
  7. I'll need to sleep soon. Though I think WotLK beta is going to keep me up longer than I want it to. Otakon won't really keep me up, at least not until tomorrow night if at all.
  8. Probably in the 7:30-8 time frame is when I'll get in line. I'm going to wait for my fiancee to show up after work so we can both go together.
  9. Could somebody explain to me the difference between the two other than the name on the box? Going by the wikipedia pages (and having had both) they seem exactly the same.
  10. I believe they're referring to the fact that many pages will have a link on them for printing that page which takes you to a page with the same information, just formatted in a printer optimized way. You can always print a page by using a browser's print function, but that's usually really intensive on ink.
  11. GRAHHHH! That one too! Basically anything that's a substitute for "please". I can understand abbreviating words in chat to avoid lengthy paragraphs but "please" does not a lengthy paragraph make. It's just bad manners. Come on...if you're using "please", chances are you're asking someone to do something for you. Why risk annoying the hell out of them? Three extra keystrokes never killed anybody.
  12. Started going in 2003 because of my high school's anime club getting a group discount. I had heard of it before hand, but I hadn't really done any research into going, so I figured this would be the perfect way to go. Just to see it, you know, just one year. Well, unfortunately the great god that is Otakon doesn't accept "just one year". This will be my fifth year.
  13. Pieaholic's Guide to Ninja Printing On Alternative OSes Mac OSX 1. Make sure what you want to see is on screen. 2. Press Command-Shift-3. 3. Picture was saved to desktop. Linux Follow Champagon's guide, but replace Microsoft Paint with your favorite graphics program.
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