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  1. We got ours today.


    This might have already been discussed in this very long thread, but just in case it is useful or helpful to someone...


    We had two different shipments coming to one address.  One arrived Friday, but no one was here to sign for it, so they left the card in the mailbox.


    Today, the second one arrived, and when the carrier had me sign for the one that arrived today, I showed him the card that was left Friday, and asked if he had that one.  No, it was at the post office.  BUT, he said, if I signed that card and gave it to him, or just signed it and left it in the mailbox for him to find, he could deliver the badge and just leave it in the mailbox on the strength of the signed card that he would then have in his possession.


    So, if you have no other alternative, you can sign the card that they left, put it back in the mailbox, and they'll deliver your priority mail package the next day.


    Note that I am NOT necessarily recommending this.  If you do leave the signed card, and the carrier scans it, and your signature is registered into their system where it is visible that the delivery was signed for, and then (for some reason) you never find the envelope in the mailbox, then you will be Out Of Luck.  No badge, no Otakon in that scenario.


    FWIW, I did NOT sign the Friday card and give it to the carrier.  I told him it would be too complicated if the delivery somehow went wrong.  He told me a secret, which was that (in this small northern New England town), even though the Post Office is closed on Saturday afternoon, someone is actually working in the back, and if you go to the Post Office and knock on the door or windows, they'll come out and take care of you.  Sure enough, it was true, and I was able to pickup the Friday badge on this Saturday afternoon from the nice guy hiding inside the Post Office.


    But, if you have no other alternative, signing the card and putting it back in the mailbox is a way to solve the dilemma of how to get your badge delivered.

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