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  1. Wow that looks very nice indeed! I hope they do get a copy to show
  2. Ohh.. Star Blazers would be nice, have the Yamato cruising through an asteroid field, ya!
  3. Voltron would be the sweetest badge ever created. Ronin Warriors would rock too though. I'm all for some classic anime badges for this 15th year of Otakon. This will be my 7th one I believe.
  4. Me and my Girlfriend will be Lupin & Fujiko
  5. Walking into t he McDonalds or Burger King thats right there, and specially the mall during Otakon is one of the greatest parts of the weekend. Going to the Food Court and seeing a mix of crazy tourists and otaku dressed as everything from full body armor to skimpy catgirls just can't be beat!
  6. Baltimore is a nice place early in the morning. Wake up early and find food before heading in as the doors open is how I've always done it.
  7. Thanks for that reminder, I almost forget to get to that one.
  8. There can never be enough Pocky!
  9. Wow..this is gonna be an awesome year for Baltimore, and it should be hella fun!
  10. I remember a few years ago when Trigun was nice and fresh, they lined up about 40 Vashes and 30 or so Wolfwoods in the main hall. Twas quite a sight. Though Naruto just doesn't look as cool, specially with a couple dozen in sight at all times.
  11. Tom & the Absolution rocked! I'd love to see a panel on that. I watched Tom evolve from just a satalite to I bleive his 3rd or 4th incarnation before I drifted away from it. When Adult Swim replaced the Midnight Run thats about when things get hazy for me. I did recently see his current look, its kinda odd. Anyway, Toomani Panel FTW!
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