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  1. Thanks to everyone for coming by!
  2. I feel you! Zenkaikon and AnimeNext were my next ones as well and I'm bummed they couldn't take place but completely understand its because they want to keep us safe. I'm prepared either way for whether or not Otakon happens. We just got to follow things day by day and stay positive, while taking care of ourselves and staying safe.
  3. It's a Jessie :3

  4. I'm looking forward to OI again this year =). I've done it twice and it was fun. I obviously won't be trying for it this year, but to all of you who do try out when it comes time for that, good luck to you and practice, practice, practice! As for karaoke tracks with Jpop/Jrock, I agree there are a bunch of good songs but no karaoke track for them. Like someone suggested you can try using Audacity to mute the vocals.
  5. Nice topic! I'm currently taking my third semester of Japanese (I already took Elementary Japanese I and II, but I'm taking II again so I can pass III in the fall). Japanese IS hard but it's a fun language. わたしはアマンダさんです. よろしくおねがいします. はたしはかわいくてげんきです. (I think I said that right. I'm still new to the adjectives and such...grammar is so much fun).
  6. I've usually gone with friends to the pre-reg line but waitied for maybe 4 hours. We did go earlier the one year but it was too hot so we didn't do it again. And last year I gophered so I didn't have to stand in the line, yay. It's fun to drive by and see everyone in line though when you first get into town.
  7. 1-3) I don't think it matters - ravers will go where the rave is, moving it to the hilton (which is RIGHT next to the con center) won't matter. As long as you advertise where it's going to be prior to the event and have a map for how to get there, it won't matter whether it's in the convention center lobby or on the roof of a nearby hotel. >_<
  8. This sounds awesome and will benefit a lot of people .
  9. Probably some close friends (4 or 5 of them maybe).
  10. My community college has an anime club (that I actually founded lol). http://www.bucks.edu/~anime We have a message board if you want to spread the word about your club =).
  11. I'd love for him to come back since Otakon 03 was the con my mom said no to going to (BAAF 03 ended up being my first con instead, huh?) and I couldn't see him =( lol. His video greeting was so cute. It made me smile, lol.
  12. Mine were: -Seeing Kappei Yamaguchi -Otakon opening animation -Helping out at pre-reg on Friday morning -having a staffer call me a "super gofer" at the otacafe when I was helping out -a couple con attendees coming up and asking me about the con I run/ran (its in the process of coming back), that really touched me. -Watching the masquerade, I haven't sat and watched a masquerade for a while.
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