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  1. its harder nowdays cause I have a fulltime job and need to schedule a vacation based on how many PTO days I have, as far as money I can probably do overtime for a month and get enough for the trip.
  2. i was thinking of saving up and going with http://www.popjapantravel.com/ since I might be going alone, even tho I know japanese it still intimidating ^^;
  3. maybe if I save up some money Ill be able to afford to go for a bit I always have trouble adjusting to time though (and a tendency to get sick abroad) so that worries me I really wanna go cause I can speak Japanese so I think I'd really have a good time too
  4. Is audience participation allowed for skits? I.e. can we drag people (by their own will of course) with us on the stage as part of the skit or is that not allowed/against the rules/a hazard etc?
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