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  1. The scheduling changes done prior to the con WERE reflected in the materials provided to the info desk. There were many signs that never got out to the info desk, but the info was provided. I know that I personally handed off several items to Ops with instructions to distribute, and they seem to have got marked because people showed up. The biggest complaints seem to have been about the fact that the schedule in the printed materials was rather out of date. There were half a dozen signs printed with the most accurate information possible three days before the con. And the worst of
  2. One thing that a smaller convention, AnimeUSA, utilizes is to dedicate a panel room to a topic. IE- all cosplay panels are in room 1, industry panels in room 2, web/fandom panels- room 3, international guest- room 4, domestic guests- room 5, etc. It makes it easy for attendees to find their favorite panels, and it prevents similar topics from being scheduled at overlapping times. I've staffed conventions before, but not in the paneling dept. I'm not sure how Otakon panels are scheduled, but it could streamline the process.
  3. If the prizes are donated from dealers, why not gift certificates to their booth? I believe Nekocon did this one year (I'll check with my friend who won in the hall contest). It was for $40, and he bought enough pocky and candy to make for a very good trip home! It would drive business to the booth, and the winners could split it however they wanted. To me the best prizes are trophies or certificates, something that recognizes your cosplay. Other things are nice, so long as they don't feel like something the dealer couldn't sell.
  4. I had two issues with the arena staff. The first was not letting performers bring in food or water. We didn't have access to concessions, and even so we were performing! I know that cosplayers do not equal U2, but we should at least have been able to bring in a few granola bars to keep our blood sugar up. Making us leave water bottles outside made no sense because water was provided to us inside anyways. We weren't going to buy drinks anyways, so why make us ditch the bottles? The second issue came after the masquerade. My group was keeping all of their stuff together. After the aw
  5. I was in the Friday Journeymen Ragnarok Online group that won. We didn't receive certificates, but we did get a trophy and some random cute gashapon figures. It seemed odd that there were no certificates for anyone, I've recieved honorable mentions in the past and those had certificates. I agree that it's more about the competition than the prizes, but a little prize is nice. Maybe there could have been another way to acknowledge the winners after the masquerade? For example, showing a photo of the winning group when they're announced? Thanks to the check-in staff (it couldn't have
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