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  1. Arcades thread the third

    Has anyone been to GamePlay recently? I just did a long overdue maintenance session yesterday, focusing on beatmania IIDX and DDR. DDR has had the pads cleaned out and sensors rotated, which should address some sensitivity issues some people were reporting.
  2. Arcades thread the third

    Per Eric Holniker's Facebook page the Save Point retail location at TownMall of Westminster is dead as of yesterday. It sounds like everything is being moved to Gameroom Garage in Hagerstown over the course of this week.
  3. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    You can use smile.amazon.com from a mobile web browser just fine, and it's perfectly fine using the app to populate your cart before switching to browser for checkout. That's what I usually end up doing. My computer has been unplugged for a year and a half now.
  4. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    So I'm guessing considering "daily registrations" as "non-membership visitor passes" and continuing to treat the "weekend registrations" as "yearly memberships" wouldn't fly?
  5. So I've had this thought on and off and think it really should be considered. For several years now, the only option to attend Otakon has been to purchase a membership that covered the whole weekend, regardless of the number of days you planned to attend. When Otakon took place in the BCC, a space it had clearly outgrown, this made sense for a variety of reasons. Now, though, I think it is holding the show back. What makes me say this? An Uber driver I had Saturday night. He was very clearly interested in what was going on, but when he asked what it would cost to attend, I was forced to admit he would have to pay $100 to get in at the door. For someone with only a passing interest, this is clearly a non-starter. The show having moved to a new venue brings a new set of locals that might not know what the show has to offer for them. Giving them sticker shock right out the gate isn't going to make them interested in attending.
  6. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    Is the bag check contractor/staging area the same as Awesomecon's? That went over just fine the one day I went; was held up no more than 5-10 minutes at around 1 PM Saturday.
  7. Arcades thread the third

    The Cave in Fairfax has added a Groove Coaster 3 and a Museca 1 1/2. Just went on a short weekend trip to Round1. I don't really get bored of Maximum Tune 5 at all. I hope some place a bit closer gets it in so I don't have to drive almost three hours each way to play it...
  8. Re: Anisong World Matsuri

    Do you know how this process will work for individuals who do not register for Otakon directly (i.e. dealers or staff associates)?
  9. Arcades thread the third

    The last thread got autoarchived again, but a lot of things have happened since the last one, so here we go again! Let me break down what I know: GamePlay (Marley Station Mall, Glen Burnie, MD): current lineup is: jubeat (NEW!) DDR (recently refurbished) beatmania IIDX (refurbished late 2016) pop'n music DrumMania In The Groove Marvel vs. Capcom 2 The Simpsons Various redemption games re:gen (White Marsh Mall, White Marsh, MD): a used video game store. Recently lost their jubeat, but has added a Naomi Universal cabinet that they intend to rotate games in. Save Point (Townmall of Westminster, Westminster, MD): a used video game store. Has an ever-rotating selection of games and various pinball machines. I haven't been in a while and the game selection changes rapidly due to the number of events they bring games to, so I honestly can't tell you what's in the store right now. The Cave Gaming Center (Fairfax, VA): a 24 hour LAN gaming center located in the interior of a largely open-air shopping center. They recently added a bunch of arcade music games: jubeat beatmania IIDX pop'n music BeatStream SOUND VOLTEX Round1 (Exton Square Mall, Exton, PA): just recently opened and has way more games than I can list in this space. Standouts include Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone, Theatrhythm All-Star Carnival, Groove Coaster, CROSSxBEATS, Gunslinger Stratos, and should soon receive Maximum Tune 5. Got a hot arcade spot nearby I missed? Let everyone know here!
  10. Food Recommendation Thread!

    Daikaya also has a second restaurant literally around the corner called Bantam King. While Daikaya serves pork-based broths, Bantam King serves ramen with chicken broths, as well as chicken dinners. Expect a very long wait for both; typically 45 minutes to an hour and a half during any lunch/dinner period. They do not take reservations but if you send a runner early you can get your name on the list. For junk food Astro Doughnuts is probably my favorite, but it's quite a walk away and they are not open evenings.
  11. Guest Request: 2015

    She's been mentioned by a few already, but Mizuki Nana is probably one of the few guests that would get me to buy plane tickets to anywhere in the continent on the spot. Even more so than anyone else in the short list just posted. Would love to see some Vocaloid related guests and events too; I don't know what Crypton's plans are for their Vocaloids after Miku Expo, but I'm certain an appearance at next year's Otakon would do much to keep their upwards momentum going.