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  1. Which is why I'm waiting an hour or two after it opens on Friday morning to get in line.
  2. I have tickets to the VAMPS concert Thursday, so I'll be bypassing Thursday pick-up for the first time ever. We plan to stroll over on Friday morning about 10ish in order to miss most of the line then.
  3. The ditzy blonde who ordered the pizza should have been gone ages ago. Yep, I watch. I just wish it was switched time with that stupid game show before it.
  4. Back in Feb of 2003, I discovered you could buy animation cels on eBay. A couple of months later I was having an email conversation with a dealer from Ohio. They mentioned that they were going to be in the Dealer's room of an Anime convention called Otakon and it was located nearly in my backyard. Wow! I saw the Otakon website and signed up for the full weekend. That first year my son only came on Saturday. The next year I signed up as a Gofer and started the slide to becoming more involved with anime conventions.
  5. Since I'm free this year (taking a rest before fully stepping over into the legions of Otakon zombies), I could make such a get together. I'm 40ish, btw. Clint, can I come wave at you while pushing my son into your legions? He's gofer #805. Also happy birthday!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not doing him this year (doing a goth thing), but I did cosplay as Sven at Yaoicon 2006. I even got recognized!
  7. Hm, let's see. The first year my son and I went to Otakon was 2003. He was 11 at the time and a big Pokemon/DBZ fan. My anime of choice at the time was Inuyasha. The next year was my first year as a Gofer and this year will be his first year as a Gofer. The tradition continues.
  8. I'll be with my son (16) again this year. The only difference is that this year he'll be the Gofer and not me. I'll also be with my best friend. She's from AZ and it'll be her first Otakon.
  9. Hi, I'm an eco-terrorist. I just got back from a 5200 mile road trip in a Ford Cargo Van. It took $85-95 to fill the thing each time. Surprisingly, I found gas prices relatively stable for the last 2 weeks. They were mostly hovering around $3.82 a gallon from MD to AZ and back. This is one and only time I'll say this... Thank you Bush, without the rebate I couldn't have made this necessary trip.
  10. I will be traveling 18 miles and crossing the Potomac River into Virgina to see it. >_<
  11. I didn't want to come to work this morning. I need more sleep. Just hope it's a slow day. zzzzz
  12. Less than 2 hours before I head to B-mer. Must remember to bring umbrella.
  13. It'll be interesting to see all the 30 & 40 somethings mixing with Otaku on Saturday night. There's a 80s music concert Sat night at the First Mariner arena (ZZ Top, Rick Springfield, The Pretenders & REO Speedwagon).
  14. There was a VERY interesting article in today's Washington Post Travel section on visiting Tokyo on the cheap. The writer spent a week there and total costs were less than $1000 including air fare. I'm definitely filing it away for future use. I hope to go within the next 2-3 years.
  15. It wasn't the anime, but after just reading in the manga the same events in episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist, I got all teary again (every time I see that episode I get teary). I even had the theme music playing in my mind while reading it. We're all a bunch of softies.
  16. I still have the last DVD to see of Figure 17, but that one part dealing with the classmate, it was more of a punch to the chest shock than tear inducing. BTW, the Kyo teary part in Fruits didn't involve a death, just his rejection/non-acceptance by his mother. Same with the Momiji part.
  17. At least I can have an excuse of *cough*hormones*cough*, what's yours?
  18. I'd forgotten Wolf's Rain. When it was on CN last Fall, I had a hard time going to sleep after the crying session with the last 4 episodes.
  19. That one and when Kyo's in his third form.
  20. I must be a crying fool because I've cried/got teary with: --Full Metal Alchemist --Samurai X (RK OVAs) (funny, I REALLY cried at the end of the last one the first time I watched it, so much that I couldn't stop for 30 minutes afterwards) --Fruits Basket --many others that I can't think of at the moment to top it off, this morning during ep 109 of Naruto. I won't say what was going on, because it'd be a spoiler.
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