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  1. This is veering off topic, so I'm going to try and keep this focused on attendees behaviors within hotels, not the scope in general. I'm not denying that the behavior of the kids has gotten wilder and destruction, when it does occur, has gotten to the point of being downright shameful. Nor should I be interpreted as suggesting that things should be swept under the rug or ignored. I've been observing the culture very critically. My point, and the reason I chose the word "myth", was not to imply this was all fiction, but rather that the awful behavior of attendees running rampant and
  2. see -- and I hope people listen carefully to this: there is -not- a "convention destruction spree", nor is there some huge wave of disastrously poorly behaved con attendees. Most of these are the same kind of kids as there always were. There's some mainstream mix in the crowd, yes, and some drinking, but most of the drinking folk at the convention were not a part of the sheraton incident nor wouldn't have thought for a moment to have been. The instance was a pretty terrible one, even I'll admit -- I saw the video -- but this aura of terror we're ascribing to confolk has to stop. Otako
  3. And that's why hotels there are going to give Otakon a smaller block of rooms, more expensive rates (to keep the "riff-raffs" out), and are going to be extremly firm with the "Maximum occupancy" rule. In other words, having 10 people in a room ment for 4 will be a thing of the past. The hotel will tell them "Get an extra room (and pay it's full rate), or just GET OUT!", and there's not a damn thing the guest can do about it. Danny
  4. More ventilation is always a good thing. I'd totally recommend some of these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/lights/9162/ joke, joke. that said, blasting air condition at inhumanly cold levels is not a bad idea in the slightest. What about ionic breezes and those kinds of purifiers? Couldn't they manage to physically remove some o' that confunk from the air? Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that lighting the main floor w/ leds or rope lights, instead of overhead flourescents, would probably help reduce that room's temperature a bit. Also, the flouresce
  5. Imma point out what's becoming an increasing irritatant at con raves. Congo lines. At anime boston this year, I managed to have several glass led clips fly across the room and shatter while I was struck by an unexpected congo line in my blind spot. These guys neither look nor care where they're going, cut right through the crowd, and are starting to incite me to violence.
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