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  1. I love Dramacon, does anyone else, i like how she made the book
  2. Well Baltimore's a Big City, So they probally expected something like a convention to be there, so they probally wont suprised when otakon came, because they have a big city, so its the perfect place for otakon:D
  3. Im going to be cosplaying next year!(08) As Rude From Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.
  4. Im getting there by either train or bus, most likely train(cause bus might run into traffic)
  5. I want to go to japan but i need to know the language first because i wouldn't want to go there with out knowing it, it would make things differently.
  6. I like that idea, cause i want to freestlye dance and ill need to warm up.
  7. Well i was hoping there would be a freestyle dance competion, cause while watching some of the con footage from this year, i really loved the dancing i saw.
  8. Elfen Lied and Cowboy Bebop(green bird song)
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