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  1. I never said I wanted to keep them seperated; I just wanted to balance my time between them. I don't know about you, but I have MANY other hobbies than anime and cosplay... Of course I want things in common with my lover. I don't need some stranger that knows nothing about me attempting to give me relationship advice. Thank you, and have a nice day <3
  2. Two of my bff's, and three other friends.
  3. I MIGHT do it, but in all honesty it's gotten kind of old. It was overdone when we mentioned it in our skit LAST Otakon xD.
  4. "Is it possible to find that special someone at Otakon - or any anime convention?" NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least in my case, xD. I remember that when I was younger, my friend wished that she had a boyfriend to do cosplays with, and I kind of felt that way too. Now that I'm older, and know more about relationships, and myself... I want nothing of the sort, lol. EVen though I love anime and cosplaying, that is something special that I share with my friends, and if I actually one day do find someone special that is crazy enough to like me, well, I honestly don't want them to be into that kind
  5. Sailor V- 95% done. Just have to repaint the heels and fix up the wig. Frederic- 20%ish. I have a ton left to do, but I don't have time to make his weapon, so I'll just have to make that for the next con I go to.
  6. We were actually considering using Power Rangers music for a battle scene in our skit, xD. But we changed it :[. I can guarantee there will be Sailor Moon music though
  7. I'm revamping my Sailor V for Friday, and I'm doing Frederic from Eternal Sonata on Saturday.
  8. xD I was the first person to register after 12. I feel a bit more relaxed now...
  9. I do have one more question. The final skit confirmation e-mail that we recieve in 3-5 days, is that only confirmation, or does it also let us know if we got in or not?
  10. So I'm finally done with particpant forms. Lol it was so easy last year when there were three people in our skit, now there are 10 xD. Thanks for the hard work guys. Good luck everyone <3
  11. Well I just submitted my contact form. I sent it in about 10 seconds after it became 12 PM just be safe. I didn't want to send it in and their clocks be a few seconds different and then it be like SORRY YOU SENT YOUR FORMS IN ABOUT THREE SECONDS TOO SOON LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Now I get to work on particpant forms again... Yay... :]
  12. Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I am aware that the confirmation e-mail only meant that it was recieved, and I will resend my skit in at 12 PM. Just please point out next time in your post that it is indeed opening at 12 PM, that really threw me for a loop xD.
  13. Lol our skit falls into none of those categories lol. Well one scene falls into one of them, lol.
  14. Thanks, good luck to you to. If we don't get in I dunno what we'll do, we've been working on this skit for months xD. This registration is freaking me the hell out lol.
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