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  1. Sorry, it's actually the Kiki series. And all those videos are dead -- I'll post a link when I get the chance.
  2. I can't edit my post anymore, but thinking back on it, I think they use 僕 instead of 私 I'll have to check the video.
  3. Yay~ 日本語~ Well, i'm not fluent nor perfect in grammar either, but here is how I would have wrote it: いつ「おはよう」を書(か)きました、午前(ごぜん)11時(じ)でした。 I would write: 「おはよう」と書いたのは、朝の11時です。 "It was 11am when I wrote 'ohayou'." The fun part here is how の can be used to nominalize. So 「おはよう」と書いたの would translate to "when I wrote 'ohayou'" And even though in English, the coupler is past tense ('was'), in Japanese it stays present tense (「です」). The best example I have for this is the Japanese comedy show, Gaki no tsukai arahen de, the Absolutely Tasty series. ( I think th
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