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  1. Topic please! as much as a discussion on the Masq may be productive, it does not belong in this thread...
  2. it is legally impossible for Otacon and Otakorp to secure all of the liscences and rights necessary to sell copies of our masq. Sadly that is the way the world works!
  3. And sadly this has no relevenace here, migrating to chit-chat
  4. i would have to wait for edwin to chime in to make a positive id for this, however. only the orginal character would be ineligible for craftsmanship, not the either group. but that is my opinion, so YMMV
  5. AT this time i cannot definitively answer your question. I am not up to date with our minors policy as a whole, However due to the location of the masquerade in the First Mariner Arena, The standard BCC minors rules do not necessarily apply, especially if participating in any event in the Arena. This is a point where I may make policy. I'm am going to say that if you are younger than 16, and are participating in any event in the Arena, you must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18. This is for your own safety, since participating in any event in the arena can place yo
  6. I hate to say it but a 4 day turn around is not abnormal for these questions. I am an Audio engineer on tour, and Edwin is a fairly high up member of staff at a local Baltimore Television station, Neither of us have desk jobs with steady internet, so please be patient. Since this year has not been completely setup and built yet, I will give you last year's information Pre Reg opened with that last 3 or 4 months before the convention, and ran for approx 3 or 4 weeks. As far as number of entires its a little difficult, but it is fair. The max number of entries is 40 'adult' a
  7. Well in 2006 the upper limit was 15 people in a group. The rules and policies for 2007 are not published at this time and are still under discussion. So YMMV. But that should give you an idea.
  8. I hate to correct you Jim, but we actually moved up the start of the masq to 7pm ( with doors opening at 5 for the arena). This was to make sure we didnt run into an over length problem and end up runing past 11:30.
  9. please send an email to Edwin with all of the specfics as to WHAT you are trying to do, and what you would need. Since the Masq is not taking place in the BCC we are more restrictive as to what we can do.
  10. Well To make it simple the Max group size is 12. So keep it under that number, and you should be fine.
  11. Since the masq is moving to the arena this year, there are allot of details and contracts that must be signed before we decide on a stage size. And the Stage size is something that i do not even know, and well I'll probably be one of the first to know. So don't worry, once the specifics about this years Masq are figured out ( line up and rehersal times being the primary questions in the air), we will release all of that information. But we have to get the legal mumbojumbo out of the way first.
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