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  1. Glad to hear there's a Whole Foods near by. Love their desserts. Thanks for the info.
  2. What about Beast King GoLion? A lot of us have seen Voltron, right? It'd be good to see where it came from.
  3. The Persona's would be cool. By the way I'd attend a panel it you did one.
  4. Dragon Ball: Evolution (don't know what it's evolving) looks like a cheesy mess. At least the Chun Li movie looks like a smaller budget martial arts flick. Not good but a least tolorable. I believe at least one of the two (not sure which) will do well.
  5. I can't wait Otakon not just because I had a great time the past couple of years, but because it's so freaking cold where I'm at atm. July can't come soon enough!!!
  6. At the moment I have Deadpool (who I'm controlling), Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine.
  7. Who are you using as a team in Ultimate Alliance?
  8. Been playing Mass Effect. Truly amazing game. Has a few issues, but still great. Gamer Tag is Guttersnype
  9. Took good ol' South West. Hoping to get better rates with better planning. Also gonna sign up for Ding. Wouldn't mind a train ride though, only cause I haven't done that before.
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