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  1. 2001 I initially drove down from NY by myself and it was my first con ever. When I got there I was so overwhelmed and not having a good time (I was uber-shy back then, didn't know anybody, or what a con was all about). I originally was supposed to have my best friend come down with me but she backed out because her boyfriend at the time hated me and was a real indecisive idiot. So that Friday night I get a call from my friend back in NY saying that she could now attend so I drove all the way back to NY that Friday night, picked them up and drove all the way back down to Baltimore about 3 hours
  2. I once had a dream a few years ago that I arrived at the Baltimore Convention Center on Friday for Otakon and the building was deserted. No con, no people... just absolute peace and quiet. Its like the con just never existed. Now that was scary.
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