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  1. My last post here, so sad. I was in a car accident last night. I'm fine and no other cars/people were involved. My car is fixable as well, but I'm freaked out. Took out a light pole too. No, I wasn't drinking, just on my way home from work.
  2. I'm a College program, we are pretty much slaves. As for colored contacts, you can get perscription ones from your eye doctor. I had them for awhile, made my eyes an awesome blue.
  3. What I lack in creativity I make up for in randomness.
  4. It is indeed a violation of the mentioned rule, your props must leave the stage with you. Now, for anyone with the bright of idea of throwing themselves with the candy so that the prop "leaves" the stage *with* you, that would instead be a violation of "skits will enter the stage using the stairs and exit the stage using the ramp." My bad grammar in that rule has been duely noted for next year... grrrrr. What if after your bit of crowd surfing but before your skit ended you climbed/got passed back on stage?
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