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  1. OtakuCop

    Otakon Gameshow

    I can say that there are staff who are very interested in seeing these events return. So I'm certain we will do our best to bring them, or something similar back, for next year!
  2. OtakuCop

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    I ask that you all refrain from the snide remarks to one another and attacks when members give their opinions. That isn't productive and isn't tolerated conduct on the BBS. Luckily, it seems the thread has settled down now. As to the topic at hand, I'll report what our VP mentioned in another similar thread: "To be blunt, there are a lot of things we can't elaborate on due to our industry partnerships and other internal factors when it comes to things like certain events being cancelled. If we don't explain something, it's not because we like keeping you in the dark, there are other factors at play that prevent us from doing so." Therefore I cannot offer any further detailed explanation for the VAAD panel situation. I will say however, that some things mentioned in this thread are not without merit.
  3. Every time I revisit forums and see you post in a thread, your username makes me laugh XD