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  1. My favorite Otakon story ties into the year that I was a TCG (the old 20 hour guaranteed gofers) back in 2008. It was the most satisfying gofering experience and it is what keeps me as a gofer when many have gone on to other things. I was part of a crew that processed nearly 9,000 people (insert Dragon Ball Z joke here). It was done in literally five hours and not the eight we will have this year. I got stuck being a bag person, which is literally refilling the boxes of bags at stations. It was the longest night of my fannish life. If they let me gofer on Thursday night, I hope I get the oppor
  2. I work until 8 Pm on Thursday night and I want to pick up my registration after I leave work. I will get down to the Convention center around 9 PM. I know registration closes at 10 PM, but What time does the line close for Pre-Registration Pickup. If it closes around 9 PM, I just will have to go to plan B.
  3. One of the attendees at Anime Expo's Guest Meet and Greet went to Otakon last year. I saw him again at Otakon and he has as much fun at Otakon as he does at Anime Expo (his hometown con). He hopes to make the Transcontinental trip to Otakon this year, but it is harder because they are two weeks apart.
  4. I am going to possibly cut back on the days I attend, but Summer isn't summer unless Otakon is involved. I am also going to Worldcon in Montreal, so that affects my plans as much as anything.
  5. tstidm1

    Hotel Price

    The Sheraton City Center block has opened and it is $140 a night. This is according to the Hotel Reservations site. It is also the only one with rooms available on more than Saturday night. People started booking the day after Otakon rooms for last year.
  6. tstidm1

    Hotel Price

    The website has an announcement where there should be a 300 room block opening at the Sheraton City Center opening soon. I would wait to see the official announcement for that room block. It doesn't seem to be on registration website, yet (as of 10 Am this morning when I checked). I like Sheraton's and was thinking about going there over the Days Inn.
  7. Give me the a/non female. I would take a strong, silent type any day of the week.
  8. I wish the Bel Air was on that list, but I may still check there Saturday after Weight Watchers. They may also be one that are discounting and consolidating their section.
  9. Congrats on being able to bring another Tigercon and hope to bring some programming to it.
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