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  1. Putting my vote in for no masks, yes vaccines. Just got back from Katsu and despite their mask policy, like 20% or more of the con didn't wear it, no one seemed to care, and this was particularly true for Katsu staff, booths and tables in the dealers room and artists alley (and included the people at and around the Otakon table).
  2. Have we heard yet how people who got their badges mailed can get guides + printed schedules on Thursday?
  3. That's my biggest concern with having the tracking number. Ignoring being promised it and all, we were told (iirc, correct me if I am wrong) that these would HAVE to be signed for. If they don't...that's great. But if they do, those of us with jobs and other obligations need to know WHEN its coming so we can make arrangements to be sure its signed for.
  4. Keeping customers out of the loop is never really a solid plan. At least give us a "we know there is a problem and are working on it..."
  5. YATTA Or if he was a real man, Livin' La Vida Loca dressed up as Hard Gay. That is all.
  6. Maybe get together with people that are going to be hosting panels and have them do suggestions for the programming in some rooms? EX: On Friday or Saturday of the con I remember going to a J-Drama Panel, and some of that stuff sounded pretty interesting. It would have been great if there was a follow-up viewing of one or two of the shows they could have promoted later in the con. As awesome as they sounded, everything at the con sounded that way, and by the time one makes it to the Dealer's Room without an actual lasting impression some of those titles and ideas were lost.
  7. Welp once more my plans have changed, but being as my girlfriend actually bought patterns and fabrics this time it should all stay... She is going to go as Konata Izumi from Lucky Star (Summer Uniform), and I will be heading as Minoru Shiraishi (School Uniform) also from Lucky Star. Don't know how many days we will cosplay yet / if we will be doing that all three, but that's the plan for now at least.
  8. I start saving funds on January 1st. Depending upon my hours and desires/needs is how much I put aside. I'll aim to have my hotel money saved by February, Gas and Food by March or early April, and from that point on anything I do or dont' put aside just determines how much gear I can get.
  9. Update: 10 Months 22 Days 13 Hours 48 Minutes 02 seconds til the day of
  10. F00LY

    NYAF - Otakon

    Granted I don't have exact numbers, but I hear that the expected attendance is to be between 10,000 and 15,000 people.
  11. 1. Make your reservations for next year. 2. In one sitting, watch all six episodes of FLCL in Japanese with English subs. 3. Repeat step 2 until you feel a little better and take solace in the fact that Otakon is early next year!
  12. Yuri Lowenthal. Enough said. Spending time with two of my greatest friends. All of the wonderful things Bandai incorporated and learning about a new show. Kadokawa Pictures Panel. My first 45 minutes in the Dealer's Room. Seriously. I walked and just stared, people probably laughed at me. It was an overwhelming sight. Being shocked by my enjoyment for the Artist Alley. Walking around the Dealer's Room completely broke and still enjoying it.
  13. Were the Kamina who was hanging out with the Yoko after the Geass dating game?
  14. I have 3 dealer's I'm looking for, just to jot down then names for next year. Good deals and purchases to be had everywhere of course. Who was the table with the Code Geass Model Kits ($27-$33) that I saw? I only saw two people with them, near the back center wall. Who was the person in the center with the doujins and risque wallscrolls with the funny phrases over 'certain' body parts (You must mine more minerals, 2v2 bgh?, Need more vespene gas)? Who was it that was having the insane deals on the manga? It was like 30 for $150 or something crazy.
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