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  1. The Good Mailed badges - Mine never showed up. Finding from Staff where to go was frustrating, but it was simple to get them with no issues. Panel Room Sizes - Seemed good! The big panels had big rooms! Which leads to... Queue Rooms - Yes, yes, yes. This was amazing. It didnt clutter the hall. It gave staff somewhere to point us. If we needed to leave for a drink or WC it was easy to return. 100% bring these back. Dealers Room - The food options inside were amazing. I felt like I was going to pass out Friday cause of my costume cutting off some circulation without me realizing, and having the option to sit down, get food and water instantly and conveniently was sooo nice. Arcade Room - Lots of games, lots of space, seemed well staffed though I never needed them. Love it. Late Evening and Night Activities - 18+ Panel variety felt good to me. Temperature - Pleasant. I never felt hot. This was great. I was in a full body suit and multiple layers and I didn't want to die. Thank you. The Bad Con Center Entrances - Maybe if we can explore the convention center more on Thursday it'd be nice. Really just looking for thing to say can be improved. Maps - Mark them more with "YOU ARE HERE" cause some had them, some didn't, and the ones that didn't required some figuring. I'm sure theres logistic reasons, but as always I'd love to see DR hours match AA hours. Its nice being able to wander AA during nighttime downtime. The Ugly Nothing you were all beautiful <3
  2. F00LY

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Have we heard yet how people who got their badges mailed can get guides + printed schedules on Thursday?
  3. F00LY

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    That's my biggest concern with having the tracking number. Ignoring being promised it and all, we were told (iirc, correct me if I am wrong) that these would HAVE to be signed for. If they don't...that's great. But if they do, those of us with jobs and other obligations need to know WHEN its coming so we can make arrangements to be sure its signed for.
  4. F00LY

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Keeping customers out of the loop is never really a solid plan. At least give us a "we know there is a problem and are working on it..."