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  1. @Alabaster I hope I didn't come off rude! I love the BBS and think it does serve a purpose. I just think most social-media savvy people nowadays don't even think to look for a forum. Much less one that's kind-of hidden off the main page of the website. If you're not used to looking for it, easy to miss, opposed to Twitter/FB/Insta/Reddit. I agree though, BBS has a purpose! As for one thing -- " When it comes to social media, that’s a constantly moving target. I miss posts from my own family on Facebook, as well as from the con, because it’s a constantly shifting target as they adapt the algorithms to try to squeeze more money out of advertisers. The only way to ensure your reach stays high is to post often npenough and generate likes often enough that the system thinks you are super engaged with your audience. Twitter, and all the others, do similar things to tweak what users see. They are not reliable ways to get information out quickly, because where and whether you see such updates varies so much from person to person, and they won’t let us just see newest stuff first by default. I am still just now seeing updates from a page that I help manage, and they are a week old. " Just as an idea, if posting things to social media (or guidebook pushes! I really enjoyed them, when they actually came, and provided suitable info!) does become more frequent, I highly suggest using a way to circumvent that. By no means is it fool-proof, but like I said earlier, use a simple hashtag like #OtaUpdates and advertise that on the scrolling TVs and maps throughout the con floor. Then, people don't need to worry about a miss. They can just search "#OtaUpdates" and have a timeline of the posts mentioning it from y'all. Again, requires a small bit of tech savvy, but I think Otaku as a whole are a bit more tech savvy than the average person. Particularly if they're also the kind of people to be complaining about comms on social media. Internally for updating a team, yeah. That's a struggle. Short of a secret discord or slack or something that's rough, and still has the problems of did they read it, did they process it, etc etc. I feel for you guys on that one. x_x This is super interesting to me, because while I'm sure it's hella frustrating on your end, from an outsiders perspective this is a super interesting thought-problem. Edit : Oops. Submitted an empty post.
  2. Alabaster suggested that different people post different social media and are informed of things differently. This is insane. Its 2018, y'all need a dedicated Social Media specialist (I'd be happy to apply ) Joking aside, I'm serious about that. That response is amazing, because I appreciate the brutal honesty. However I think we're at a point in social outreach and current size of Otakon that this should be a priority. I think people dont even know where to check, from listening at the con. The BBS is "official" but is honestly relatively dead. The website is pretty useless during the con, probably due to being difficult to update. The subreddit is its own little community, but I rarely see official things simultaneously posted. Twitter and Facebook appear to run independetly, and IMO these should be linked. Im not even sure if we have an Instagram. The Discord is active, but certainly not everyone uses Discord yet. ....Point is, social media is vast. Otakon has a reputation for being uncommunicative at times. I think a dedicated social outreach would be helpful, and maybe include with that an easily searchable update hashtag. So be it youre on Reddit, Insta, Twitter or FB, you can search #OtakonUpdates and get updated info quickly. I totally recognize getting that information to that individual is a much more complex issue, though.
  3. F00LY

    Thank you to those that put on Otakon!

    Stated elsewhere, but seconded! Thanks for all you do. I know all of us, the first thing we often do is post our GOOD/BAD/UGLY thoughts, and it can seem the BAD/UGLY outweighs due to...well the nature of the beast. In the end, we keep coming back, and for good reason! We all just want to see what we love become even more loveable. Great work as always, can't wait to see y'all next year.
  4. F00LY

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    Appreciate the response! I know we're hard on y'all sometimes, but it's because we all want the same thing - a better Otakon. Hopefully next time around things will be more clear! Again, thanks for filling us in.
  5. F00LY

    Viz Media Absent

    I've noticed this just in general. When I was in Japan last month, I saw hardly anything for my favourite Sentai shows merch wise. Maybe shows with little merch (and sadly little AA representation!) just go hand-in-hand with Sentai T_T
  6. F00LY

    Viz Media Absent

    To my surprise, a lot of my favourite shows that I end up cosplaying are Sentai - Food Wars!, School Live!, No Game No Life!, but they just had less to offer this year. Also they were less hype about cosplay. Every year at both Katsu and Ota I've seen them both do to my group, and a ton of other groups, photos, freebies, and general chitchat if they saw you in cosplay for their shows, and I saw tons of people who were buying things not even get chatted up. Perhaps bad timings, but was strange after a few years of the opposite.
  7. F00LY

    Viz Media Absent

    Have to say the same about Sentai this year. Their panel was a lot more low energy and less exciting with announcements than last year. More just pushing product and filling time rather than actual content. Might just be a slow year or all announcements blown elsewhere. Not sure as I don't follow what gets announced when/where.
  8. This should've been advertised elsewhere - like at the soda machines, IMO. My group never really deals with the con's booth itself, but this year we actually did walk by it, and didn't notice it. We did however notice the price of drinks at the stands and the soda machines throughout with no signage >_> Love the idea, want to see it back now that I know about it, but want it advertised better!
  9. F00LY


    We did this, just for fun, for our instagram this year! While most of the time it went (1) Take photo (2) Smile and thank them (3) Walk away remembering we totally forgot, it was cool in the cases where the people told us they'd follow, or even better, gave us one in return! It's so hard to remember who is who at cons that this winds up being great for those quick interactions you enjoy.
  10. F00LY


    Your photos, your rules, but these are all just random ass hall photos. When I saw that disclaimer I was expecting practice shots or something. What's up with the disclaimer? Just curious as it seems like there has to be something behind it, lol Edit : Missing letters
  11. The first I learned of this is...right now. We all assumed it was employees.
  12. Just want to echo this. The DR as a whole felt lacking to me this year, but my vision is skewed, I had just returned from a trip to Japan. So everything is going to seem dull on my end. AA was amazing overall though, and the seating area and walking space really really helped out. It was one of the few years where people asking for / giving photos in the AA/DR didn't feel like a nuisance to everyone around them.
  13. I can't speak for Otakon, but I do think that they accept people from out-of-state as well. I think the panel sounds like an interesting one for sure, but it also depends on how you presented it. You say "I wanted to have a presentation of hearing loss / hearing aids and living with depression + Q&A", which, while related to an anime in the sense that you're both deaf, doesn't have much to do with the anime or asian-culture as you presented it here. It would be like a chef coming and saying they want to do a panel about Italian cooking, because Food Wars is a thing. There is a way to present it so its more related to the mission statement of Otakon, and you may have missed the mark, or they may have had a lot of other submissions. I'd try again!
  14. F00LY

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    This is a problem I've been bringing up a ton this year, but in general for years. Otakon, I presume, let's panelists right their own descriptions. This means like 75% of them are inside jokes or literally tell you nothing about it. It's even worse, when it's a guest panel that presumably Otakon is in charge of like this, and they can't be bothered to write anything but the people's names. No idea if it's comedy, a Q&A, a skit, anything. Don't even get me started on how their panel system works either. [F+], a panel by a featured presenter. Which of our 6-12 featured presenters is it? Show up and find out!
  15. This should have been presented as the alternate option when the announcement went out then. Instead, we got told our favourite "After Dark" panel was cancelled and replaced with an "All-Ages" (which reads "Child Friendly" in my mind) panel. Why LAVA was not presented as the alternative is mind boggling. EDIT : Also, panel descriptions were horrendous as always. I didn't know, and still don't know, what the hell "LAVA" means or is, and your panel description offered nothing to indicate.