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  4. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    Mariott Marquis Pros Location was amazing Room temperature was good, AC worked, no complaints Wish it was possible to request Atrium rooms. Got there relatively early and got a nice construction room. Easy to get to a variety of parking garages Fast elevators Staff and cleaning were helpful and considerate Refrigerator Starbucks, although garbage hours Beautiful for photos. Rooms were clean, lobby was bright, lots going on aesthetically Cons Wifi. Wifi. Wifi. Wifi. Wifi. Wifi. It sucked. It was absolutely, positively, horrendous. It didn't work for me or my 3 roommates 99% of the time. 3 of us are on Project Fi ( Tmobile/Sprint towers ) and 1 on Verizon. The Verizon member was able to get decent-ish 3G, but those of us on Project Fi, regardless of if we were utilizing T-Mobile or Sprint, had essentially 0 connectivity in our room at all times, which further compounded the issue. $13/day was too big of a gamble to take when their base wifi didn't even work well enough to perform a google search 90% of the time. Parking fees are ridiculous. No con discount sucks, especially when we're renting out the vast majority of the hotel. $50/day is insane. If you ever need to use the FedEx shipping service, like I did when I forgot a package and had amazon do a same-day delivery, they charge you $20 processing fee, which is just them handing over the package. $20 to hand you a package. Insane. I've stayed at so many other hotels and heard of the same and never had this experience ever. Leaving was insanity, they weren't prepared for this. We got around it though by just handling our bags ourselves. Just don't expect them handling yours to be a fast easy process.
  5. The Good Mailed badges - Mine never showed up. Finding from Staff where to go was frustrating, but it was simple to get them with no issues. Panel Room Sizes - Seemed good! The big panels had big rooms! Which leads to... Queue Rooms - Yes, yes, yes. This was amazing. It didnt clutter the hall. It gave staff somewhere to point us. If we needed to leave for a drink or WC it was easy to return. 100% bring these back. Dealers Room - The food options inside were amazing. I felt like I was going to pass out Friday cause of my costume cutting off some circulation without me realizing, and having the option to sit down, get food and water instantly and conveniently was sooo nice. Arcade Room - Lots of games, lots of space, seemed well staffed though I never needed them. Love it. Late Evening and Night Activities - 18+ Panel variety felt good to me. Temperature - Pleasant. I never felt hot. This was great. I was in a full body suit and multiple layers and I didn't want to die. Thank you. The Bad Con Center Entrances - Maybe if we can explore the convention center more on Thursday it'd be nice. Really just looking for thing to say can be improved. Maps - Mark them more with "YOU ARE HERE" cause some had them, some didn't, and the ones that didn't required some figuring. I'm sure theres logistic reasons, but as always I'd love to see DR hours match AA hours. Its nice being able to wander AA during nighttime downtime. The Ugly Nothing you were all beautiful <3
  6. Hotels 2018?

    Yeah the costs of the Marquis were definitely higher than I was hoping for. I get it, but still praying as we stay there longer perhaps better deals will open up.
  7. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I'll do a more detailed write-up next time probably, but for now I just want to say that +2 Comedy, Manly Battleships, Uncle Yo were all fantastic. Same for the person whose name is escaping me, but hosted the Let's Dub A Hentai panel. All of them should be invited back next year. They all really controlled their audience in a very good way.
  8. AMV Contest Winners?

    Anyone catch who won?
  9. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    Today's is early cause lolmycosplayisntanywhereneardone Today's registration count is : 18,347 This is an increase of 215 since yesterday!
  10. Pro Tip: Parking

    Even with Parking Panda to park at my hotel is $160 for 4 days, ugh.
  11. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    Today's registration count is : 18,132 This is an increase of 394 since yesterday!
  12. Prop Weapons - Flogger? Riding Crop?

    Fantastic, thanks! Ordered!
  13. Prop Weapons - Flogger? Riding Crop?

    To clarify - would something like this ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EBFDVXC?psc=1 ) be allowed? I assume not, and will likely just make one out of craft foam and see how it looks. If not, oh well, no prop no big deal.
  14. Hi all! I need to figure out for a Midnight (My Hero Academia) cosplay prop weapon for a flogger/cat-o-nine-tails like she uses or a riding crop. Buying "real" ones is incredibly cheap on Amazon and I could likely paint them to the color needed, but is probably most definitely frowned upon by the con. Has anyone ever made one that doesnt look bad? I'm thinking craft foam could work, but it seems like it wouled wind up looking very silly.
  15. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    Today's registration count is : 17,738 This is an increase of 305 since yesterday!