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  1. F00LY


    Your photos, your rules, but these are all just random ass hall photos. When I saw that disclaimer I was expecting practice shots or something. What's up with the disclaimer? Just curious as it seems like there has to be something behind it, lol Edit : Missing letters
  2. The first I learned of this is...right now. We all assumed it was employees.
  3. Just want to echo this. The DR as a whole felt lacking to me this year, but my vision is skewed, I had just returned from a trip to Japan. So everything is going to seem dull on my end. AA was amazing overall though, and the seating area and walking space really really helped out. It was one of the few years where people asking for / giving photos in the AA/DR didn't feel like a nuisance to everyone around them.
  4. I can't speak for Otakon, but I do think that they accept people from out-of-state as well. I think the panel sounds like an interesting one for sure, but it also depends on how you presented it. You say "I wanted to have a presentation of hearing loss / hearing aids and living with depression + Q&A", which, while related to an anime in the sense that you're both deaf, doesn't have much to do with the anime or asian-culture as you presented it here. It would be like a chef coming and saying they want to do a panel about Italian cooking, because Food Wars is a thing. There is a way to present it so its more related to the mission statement of Otakon, and you may have missed the mark, or they may have had a lot of other submissions. I'd try again!
  5. F00LY

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    This is a problem I've been bringing up a ton this year, but in general for years. Otakon, I presume, let's panelists right their own descriptions. This means like 75% of them are inside jokes or literally tell you nothing about it. It's even worse, when it's a guest panel that presumably Otakon is in charge of like this, and they can't be bothered to write anything but the people's names. No idea if it's comedy, a Q&A, a skit, anything. Don't even get me started on how their panel system works either. [F+], a panel by a featured presenter. Which of our 6-12 featured presenters is it? Show up and find out!
  6. This should have been presented as the alternate option when the announcement went out then. Instead, we got told our favourite "After Dark" panel was cancelled and replaced with an "All-Ages" (which reads "Child Friendly" in my mind) panel. Why LAVA was not presented as the alternative is mind boggling. EDIT : Also, panel descriptions were horrendous as always. I didn't know, and still don't know, what the hell "LAVA" means or is, and your panel description offered nothing to indicate.
  7. F00LY

    How was your hotel?

    Stayed the Marquis. Loved it. Room : Got lucky and got an atrium style room, so being able to people watch was great. Others with a view were friendly, waving, showing off cosplay, etc. Room was clean-ish. I found a candy under the bed that was partially stuck, but otherwise everything was really good. Internet : Surprisingly, my internet was fast and stable. I listen to a lot of podcasts at night, so I was thrilled there was no cut-outs throwing my to data. Check-In, Check-Out : The check-in and check-out were fast. Pulling in to drop my stuff off, and them holding it while I parked in the garage was a life saver. They even did the same on Sunday when I brought my bags down and had to go pick up the car. Staff : The cleaning staff was amazingly friendly, didn't touch our stuff, and dealt with makeup and wig hair from last minute changes being everywhere. Check-In/Out Staff and the people for loading/unloading were all fast and nice, too. Hotel Movement : The elevators were, somehow, slightly less problematic than last year, but that may have been luck due to being on a lower floor. The Starbucks was always busy, but they didn't mess up the orders, unlike all of the other local SBs. Price : Was a bit pricey, but worth it for all the conveniences I think. Only stepped outside when I absolutely needed to for food. Definitely gunning for Marquis 2019.
  8. F00LY

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    I know Todd usually does these panels, but I can totally see with the current political and social climate them not wanting to do it. Hopefully we'll get an official answer soon enough, but I'm willing to believe it really was just no one, or not enough, individuals wanting to do it. What was LAVA? I saw it on the schedule a bit later, but it didn't say what it was. Was it actually equivalent to VAAD? I can't imagine it was, or else they wouldn't have renamed it. They've run VAAD in past years with only 2-3 guests, so it can't be that it wasn't enough guests to keep the naming convention, if so.
  9. Greetings! I figured it would be nice if we had a thread to give our featured (and non-featured!) presenters some love, so Otakon knows who to invite back and why. I didn't catch quite as many panels as years past, but... +2 Comedy - Outstanding job as per usual with their "Beyond the Tentacle" series. I'd be heartbroken if Otakon didn't bring them back again next year. Also, they mentioned interest in additionally doing a comedy panel next year. Otakon should definitely look into that! More of these guys would be a major boon. Study of Anime / Tengu Talks / Charles Dunbar - Not sure what they're going by nowadays on an official level, but their work is always amazing. The panels I caught were high energy, highly entertaining, and as per usual the most educational content around. Really great stuff. Mr. Creepy Pasta - Okay, this one baffles me a little. Do not get me wrong. I loved his panels. I'm not entirely sure what it had to do with Japanese Culture / Anime though. In the past, staff has said they won't get guests from Cosplay or other things to not being strictly related to culture, but then we get Mr. Creepy Pasta just reading us spooky stories without any Asian-culture theme whatsoever? THAT said, this was not the presenters fault, and Mr. Creepy Pasta himself did an amazing job. His panel was a lot of fun, and I'd gladly do it again. Shoestring Scientists - I caught my first panel of theirs ever about adult-themed 3D printing. I loved the mix of educational information and comedy they had. Would love to see more of their work in the feature.
  10. The Good - Great time as usual. Wasn't too crowded, temperature was great most of the time, everything was "smooth" in terms of building stuff again. - Featured presenters were great as usual. - Artists Alley and Dealer's Room were enjoyable as ever. It seemed to me that AA really outshined dealer's room this year, but that could just be personal preference on what was available. - The con-goers. The people I interacted with this year were some of the most friendly people I've met yet. The Bad / Ugly - Cancelled panels with 0 explanation, justification, or reason. We get it. Things happen. However, non-transparency is never okay. You cancelled "Voice Actors After Dark", a HUGE draw every year, 1 day before the con, with 0 explanation, and offered up some children's programming as if that is a replacement. You cancelled the DBZ panel after holding people for 30 minutes with 0 explanation. - Moving things without notice. Photoshoots and panels got bopped around as close to as an hour or so before hand without a notification. The My Hero Academy Shoot on Saturday was moved last minute and the group was in 2 different spots because of it. Luckily, most people seemed to figure it out and relocate together. - Photoshoot locations are literal garbage. You take shoots that you should know will be massive (MHA is just one example) and shove them in tiny places. Then staff proceeds to have to spend the next 30 minutes yelling at everyone to not block the hall, when you scheduled the photoshoot in a small enclosure in the middle of a hallway. Dedicate a room to photoshoots. At least the one's believed to be big ones. - Schedule design is the same as its been for the last 8 years - workable at best, terrible at worst. Featured presenters not being recognized / lack of clarity. You put on the schedule [F+] meaning its a featured presenter. That means literally nothing. You have a dozen featured presenters. Who is presenting it? Why should I care? Half the panels don't have descriptions, or have 3-5 words that tell you nothing about it for non-featured. I want "+2Comedy Presents" or "by Shoestring Scientists" or SOMETHING indicating to me that the people I've grown to love over the last decade is the one running it. - Bag check line had some unbearable moments. - Room sizes. I still don't get why panels that fill the biggest spaces available every year for the last decade (+2 Comedy, etc) do not get put into the largest rooms. It's not new. It's not a surprise. It's not unexpected. At this point, it's negligence.
  11. F00LY

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    That was my guess too
  12. Otakon decides to cancel one of its largest draws panelwise less than 24 hours before con start with 0 explanation. Bold move. Disappointing it wasnt even replaced with more adult content, but rather another run of the mill borinf Q&A. Any ideas why?
  13. @alabaster Ive mentioned this elsewhere, but the panels are by far the weakest part of the site IMO. Can we either get featured presenters page to also list what panels they're hosting, or at least on the schedules page when you click a [G] or [F+] panel, it tells you who is there?
  14. F00LY

    Panel Room Size?

    https://www.otakon.com/info/location/ While it doesn't answer you're question exactly, here is a map that gives you a rough idea of the relative sizes.
  15. F00LY

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    Great idea, just hopped in!