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    I agree completely, recycling bins would be an awesome idea. However I'm not sure if that'd help or hurt staff wise. I'm sure it was hard enough keeping up on the garbage cans...adding more bins could be tough. Though if people were throwing recyclables in another, I'm sure they'd fill at a slower rate all the same.
  2. I've already decided what I want to cosplay, created a personal "savings plan" for myself, requested more hours at work, and organized a guaranteed group of 4 people, potentially 6, to split the hotel room. All I gotta do now is wait for my hotel-of-choice to get an opening for Thursday night.
  3. Figures 4-piece set of the Melancholy of Haruhi characters, cat form. 2 'random' boxes of Haruhi characters 2 'random' boxes of Geass characters, C.C + Kallen Books Lucky*Star Art Book Everybody Cosplay! by Jan Kurosaki A ton of doujins I've long been after Posters Prints and More! 3 SSBB Posters from Bleedman 1 Lucky*Star Poster Giveaway (Thanks Bandai!) 1 Zero Suit Samus Poster Print 1 C.C. Poster Print 1 Kallen Poster Print 1 Yoruichi Poster Print (Thanks for the free stuff!) 1 each of Chibi L + Itachi stickers (Thanks for the free stuff!) Model Kits
  4. Thanks a ton to the staff who ran this thing, answering my questions politely and quickly (first time con-goer gets lost a lot on Friday >_>) as well as the people nearby who answered the questions when I was unable to get a helpful response. Also to all the beautiful cosplayers who let you take their pictures over and over! SPECIAL THANKS to the girl who sat in Row 3 of the Yuri Lowenthall 11 AM panel who found my cell phone and returned it, rather than doing something with it. =) I apologize to anyone who it may have disrupted as I called it to try and relocate it during the
  5. Well hopefully I can get my extension stayed at the Hilton to Thrusday night, was only able to grab Friday and Saturday there. What I'm worried about now is the "Do not call 'just to be sure' until after July 9th" thing. How else am I supposed to see if I can change my reservation to add Thursday night?
  6. If I book a room now through Otakon's thing, and get something better later, I can cancel this current one, free of charge, correct? Also if you stuff more people in (I have 4 confirmed, 6 potential) and you only listed 4 guests, what happens?
  7. Apparently 2:00 PM Friday @ The Bandai Booth in the Dealer's Room there will be a Code Geass Dating Game complete with a Milly/Rivalz/TapingDietHard + Free stuff. http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=125481&page=9
  8. Just out of curiosity, why not? XD Just because I've seen tons of videos with hundreds of people doing it.
  9. Ahhh! That's right, I forgot about that, thank you. I need to sell a Razr as well as about 6-7 World of Warcraft CD Keys I have laying around.
  10. F00LY

    Cosplay Stats

    Look at you people and all your awesome making abilities XD I'm ordering mine as is my friend. >_> Lelouch + Mao or Lloyd, not sure exactly who he decided upon.
  11. Each day it seems the excitement doubles from the prior day -.- -Work like crazy for last minute money. -Haircuts -Wii Fit + Smash Bros Brawl Practice -Order my costume >_>; -Go get coloured contacts (first time wearing them too, gg) -Plan out timings (tournaments/photoshoots/known panels+concerts) -Make sure everyone else in my group is prepared. -Play more SSBB to try and bear the excitement.
  12. This seems like the most relevent place for me to ask a question without making a new thread. I get paid on Thursdays at midnight, direct deposit. I plan on using that money from the 7th into the 8th for Otakon. I know ideally to have brought all of our cash with us, but this situation isn't ideal So my question(s) are... 1) What seems to be the most efficient method of dealing with this? Getting the money sooner is obviously not possible, are hotel ATMs depleted 24/7? Is it possible to get a run through at a desk or something to charge your card and give you cash back? 2) Can
  13. F00LY

    Code Geass!

    I will be coming as School Uniform Lelouch, and should have a Mao with me.\ It'll be my first cosplay so I hope it doesn't suck too bad, its fairly straight forward so I don't think it should, plus I'm not actually making my own costume ; ; I'd love to but I've never actually sewn anything before in my life so nows probably not the best time to start XD Perhaps another time... I'm hoping to be able to get as many Code Geass shots as possible providing I don't suck XD, from the sounds of it Cosplay.com ( http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=125481 ) has a thread, but it seems th
  14. Code Geass, C.C., Kallen, Geass Symbol, Britannia Flag imparticular.
  15. The Raddison is where I mad my reservations about a week ago due to complications delaying me. When I called they had about 7 rooms left or so they said.
  16. I put aside $400 for Hotel + Food + Gas already. I've never gone before, but in the upcoming months I'm planning on saving another $500-$1000 for the Dealers Room and whatnot, being as me+all my friends are sure we'll want to buy an insane amount of stuff being our first convention. Figuring $1000 minimum, $1500 tops. Also though, a lot of people go to multiple conventions and stuff. This is the only one we're going too. <_>
  17. I've never been there, so I don't know what they do or don't already have but I'm hoping for Collectible Figures / PVCs, especially The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ones. Doujinshi, Code Geass anyone? Code Geass anything for that matter. By then Season 2 will have started so I'm thinking we'll see some stuff starting to pop up more easily.
  18. Well me and my friend have been discussing it more and we've got two cosplays down now. Death Note L - Myself Light - Friend (Possible Third -> Matsuda? ) Bleach Bankai Ichigo - My friend Captain Hitsugaya - Myself (Possible Third -> Former Captain Ichimaru Gin) Not sure about a third cosplay if at all yet. I'm thinking maybe something like Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and he can be Ituski. We have two other friends coming as well. I don't think one wants to cosplay, but the other says he's definately doing Kousaka one of the days.
  19. Me and my friend are going to be doing it. Practicing recently. Count two more in
  20. Treemont Park/Plaza. Any sort of testimonies from there? My group is planning on going there soon. Excuse my newbiness, as Im all sorts of new to this stuff. When you call to reserve the room, you're required to give a credit card number? If so they don't charge it, its just in case you dont show up correct? Next, when you do show up, its entirely possible to not pay with that card, but with cash or a different card correct? ^^/ Thanks~
  21. It's Dattebayo. It wouldn't be them if they DIDN'T do something like that.
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