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  1. One of these years when I'm feeling more industrious I'm constructing a costume of Gyopi the pink flying goldfish from 'Goldfish Warning!'. I've told myself for years I want to do it but never have.
  2. For some reason, I always have dreams about Otakon very far away from the actual con date itself. The con always takes place in a location that is very much NOT the BCC or even Baltimore at all. I believe in one dream it was actually held in a parking garage. The con is always a much larger affair than it could ever possibly be in reality as well. At least they're always pleasant dreams where I'm enjoying myself. Dreams are fun, aren't they?
  3. Depending on the sort of road trip you expect to have, "Holiday Road" from the National Lampoon's Vacation soundtrack might be appropriate. In all seriousness, last year's CD selection included an ELO Greatest Hits album and the Annie Soundtrack. Since I bought a new car with an mp3 player jack last year, we'll have a much wider selection for this trip.
  4. I'm one of the lucky ones who's currently well employed -- but I am saving up for a down payment to buy my own home, so I will be trying to be as thrifty as possible this year whenever I can be. Thankfully since I'm only ever looking for merchandise from one series (that is usually not found in large quantities in the Dealer's Room), most of my belt tightening will be in my dining choices this year. OT but: Mailechan, it's so neat to see a Goldfish Warning icon! There's an anime you don't see much about.
  5. While there are posts (very rightfully) thanking the staff for all their hard work this year, I thought it'd be a great idea to have a post to thank the fellow congoers and citizens/tourists of Baltimore who performed random acts of kindness for us over the weekend. On Saturday night, I was having kind of a rough evening. I left the convention center a bit upset. As I was crossing the street (as always, making sure to wait for the 'Walk' symbol to come up and that traffic was clear) a minivan decided to make the turn right into my path. The occupant screamed at me, making me feel stupid,
  6. I just used the new Otakon 'housing' system and was able to get a Hilton room Friday night and Saturday night. Since I live so nearby I never reserve Thursdays, so I'm guessing that's why I haven't had any trouble. There is always the small worry something will go amiss when you do it over the internet, but I got an acknowledgment code number and everything. Really a load off my mind to have a room already, and I am quite excited to stay in the brand new hotel! I was admiring it all weekend.
  7. Mmmmm, mid-80s Nickelodeon. It likely planted the otaku bug in me. Aside from the old anime already mentioned (Mysterious Cities of Gold, Little Koala, etc.) they also used to show a couple of the Unico movies. Which were based on the manga by a certain someone named Osamu Tezuka. I had a conversation last week with a kid about ten years younger than me: "THEY HAD NICKELODEON IN THE 80s?!" I laughed so hard... and then felt old.
  8. This year's going to be a wild card. I think I'm going to try and get up 6:30am or so, get my shower and do all the normal morning stuff. Wake up my friend who's coming, make sure she's all fed and happy and put stuff in the car. Give the car a final inspection to make sure it's suitable for the trip. Hopefully leave by 8am. Arrive in Baltimore about 9am (depends on traffic) and see if I can get lucky enough to get an early check-in at the hotel (I've always managed the past couple years, so fingers crossed!) then get in the pre-reg line hopefully no later than 9:30. Even after seven year
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