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  1. Your avi... is that from the manga Pink?

  2. In exactly 1 month, we will be getting everything ready for our drive down to Baltimore. Where does the time go?
  3. So....this is the most nervewracking Otakon wait ever. Lack of guests announcements, and stressful year/summer leads to less time for costumes. Stupid college. Can you believe there's practically a MONTH left? Good stuff.
  4. I believe I posted on Coscom, but I will be Raichu
  5. are you serious?! Hopefully the weather this year will be as nice as it was last year - not too hot and breezy
  6. It's great to see all these Pokemon Gijinka!! I guess I'm excited, because this is my first one
  7. Surprisingly enough, my cosplay schedule has changed!! This year I'm going to (with my sister) do: Kuronue (with a Yoko Kurama) - Yu Yu Hakusho Raichu (with a Pokemon Trainer) - Pokemon Hideo Kuze (with a Major Kusanagi) - GitS:SAC 2nd GiG I don't know when I'm doing them though. I guess I just have to figure what times certain things are (e.g. M.E. McGlynn's autograph session!)
  8. Another obscure cosplay! Of course My sister's gonna go as Major Kusanagi, so I'm going as Hideo Kuze. Hopefully standing next to her will help me be recognized, though.
  9. I must say, if anyone recognizes me this year, I will give them a cookie XD Kuronue has got to be one of the minorest characters in the movie no one saw because it was no good, or if they did see it, it was so long ago and they never had any desire ot watch it again...
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