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  1. Those are going to be some interesting buses come Otakon-time.
  2. yea the manga is awful. I was hoping that the manga would go into more detail about the characters and the plot instead of being EXACTLY like the game. plus it was very rated G.
  3. Space Crusier Yamato Space Pirate Captain Harlock Galaxy Express 999 Cowboy Bebop Lupin III Akira Bubblegum Crisis Dirty Pair Appleseed Ghost in the Shell Mobile Suit Gundam Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Castle in the Sky Laputa Kiki's Delivery Service Porco Rosso My Neighbor Totoro Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses (and much much more...)
  4. How cool is this!? I'm gonna try the Hilton. Let's see how the new kid on the block fares next year. Just being directly connected to the BCC is worth the extra scratch to me. 5th
  5. lol we saw the same people on I-95 North. i think they were from Connecticut. We were still all in costume so they naturally waved enthusiastically when we passed them.
  6. Yes it's always a meloncholy drive home on Sunday. Wishing it was Saturday. But this year we did get a smile when a car passed us. They had written "Otakon or Bust" on their rear window. It was sad and funny at the same time. But now, after a week I feel the anticipation build for next year and the childish giddyness is back.
  7. Where: Brookshire Suites How Many: 2 Staff: Desk people were always ready to assist with questions. (The folks at check in were awesome!) The bell staff were totally cool. The Good: Close to everything. Only 3 blocks away from the BCC and 2 blocks away from the harbor. Free breakfast every day and you can make a to-go container! (I didn't take advantage of that but I thought it was cool.) We got put in our room right away even though we were way early for check in. You cannot hear anything from adjoining rooms. Plenty of free apples! Holding our bags on sunday couldn't have
  8. Just being there for not having been for 7 years was the best. It felt like coming home.
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22984129@N07/...57606669189003/
  10. I was happy to see some old school stuff available in the DR. I was relatively good with my spending. I got my Megazone 23 DVD's Golion Dvd's A Mospeda Alpha Fighter A new pair of chopsticks and of course My Otakon 2008 tshirt!
  11. I haven't been to an Otakon in 7 years and thanks to my experience this year I'm never going to miss another one! Thanks heaps for all your hard work. It's well appreciated!
  12. Won't be in town until 4 so after checking in at the hotel and getting situated probably around 5-6.
  13. I feel so old... I remember being a frequent viewer of Voltron and Saber Rider. I think I still have the "Car Wreck" version of Voltron in a box somewhere.
  14. Hmmmm let's see. I believe I actually have my Ex-Wife to thank for discovering Otakon. Yes it was 1997 when we met and I had actually introduced her to Anime. We had been to Sci-Fi conventions so the concept wasn't new to us but neither of us had ever been to an Anime convention. We snooped around the web and were getting upset because we couldn't find anything close until we found the Otakon website. A 3 hour (A 3 hour tour... a 3 hour tour...) drive to Baltimore sounded great to us. So we hopped in my little Geo Metro and off we went! We went every year following up to 2000 when we moved to
  15. 1) Wake up around 4:30 (For no other reason than that's when I usually wake up.) 2) Grab a shower. 3) Play with my 'puter while waiting for friend to wake up. (Take a last look at the schedule to see what I want to see that day.) 4) Make sure all my gear is ready. (Sketchbook, Camera, Snacks, etc...) 5) Get breakfast. 6) Stroll into the BCC at our leisure since we'll have our badges already.
  16. I can certainly understand wanting to be there to absorb the euphoria going around. Sadly I won't be there to enjoy the line-waiting. I totally get why people like standing in that line.
  17. I think what I'd like to find is CDs (Maybe a few oldschool titles hopefully.), A cool t-shirt or two and I'm always up for model kits.
  18. I'm going with my pal and that it. Neither of us have been to Otakon since 2000 so the increased attendance since then should be an interesting shock.
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