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  1. Hi, I JUST saw your comment left on my profile from July ^_^. So I dont think I know you.... do you know me?

  2. Last year I was cosplaying as Kaname Kuran (with red eye contacts) and was standing in line at an Auntie Annies in the Harbor Mall. A hunched-over old women walks up to me, pulls her cell phone out, takes a picture, and walks away - without saying a word. I was like, In 2007 I was cosplaying as Aeris from FF7, with her long pole weapon. I needed to deposit my paycheck so I run across the street to the Bank of America. As soon as I stepped foot into the bank, ALL eyes fell onto me......... and heads didn't turn away for a good few minutes. But, I guess that's understandable considerin
  3. I had an otakon nightmare not too long ago... I dreamt that it was friday morning - the day of the con - and I had nothing prepared. I wasn't packed, my cosplay wasn't done, I had no money, no hotel, and my job called and demanded that I work that day. I went to work pissed off and I sat there angry that all my friends were at the con and that I was missing the concert. The dream felt pretty realistic actually - which is why I consider it a nightmare.
  4. I wonder if the concert will have a huge effect on the Thursday line? Like, everyone goes to the concert instead of waiting, so there's no one in line. hmm...
  5. Cosplaying as Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight! I will pretty much wear the thing all weekend
  6. Do a lot of people cosplay in line?
  7. I cant believe how fast otakon is coming up. I still need to finish my cosplay, save up money, and most importantly - pre reg!!
  8. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Lauren Age:: 24 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? God yes..... otherwise I'll turn into a zombie thats not very friendly Drink or smoke:: neither.... though I sometimes drink socially. I dont drink at otakon because being drunk [or being around drunks ] is not fun Tell us about yourself:: Im a college student from DC and this will be my 5th otakon. I wanna go on thursday and stand in the pre reg line with the other crazies - just to see what its like. I also like to cosplay and look forward to some ph
  9. I'll be there DC anime club is be in the parade in cosplay so look out for that
  10. I doubt anybody would let you get back in line. Unless they're really super nice.
  11. Are you allowed to get out of line, run to a CVS/7Eleven/etc, and get back in line?
  12. I wouldn't drive from NYC to Baltimore. I would take the Train. Amtrak runs a comfortable and affordable service that takes 3 hours and about $60 one way to Baltimore. Greyhound Bus runs for $20 from Baltimore to DC and takes about 4 hours. If you are going to spend alot of time outside of Downtown, that is the only time I would drive from NYC to Baltimore. Parking can easily run for three days anywhere between $30 and $50.
  13. In the past few years people have made standing in line Thursday night an event in its own. I haven't done this personally - I only drive up from DC, stare at awe at all the people, pick up my badge, and then go back home. This year however I am thinking about being a bit more adventurous. I would like to try and get in line early with all the other nutcases to see what it's like. I'm sure that any staffers reading this post will tell me one of two things: 1. Don't get in line early 2. drink water until you drown I will bring plenty of water with me - I am not a newbie and I
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