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  1. Last year I was cosplaying as Kaname Kuran (with red eye contacts) and was standing in line at an Auntie Annies in the Harbor Mall. A hunched-over old women walks up to me, pulls her cell phone out, takes a picture, and walks away - without saying a word. I was like, :D

    In 2007 I was cosplaying as Aeris from FF7, with her long pole weapon. I needed to deposit my paycheck so I run across the street to the Bank of America. As soon as I stepped foot into the bank, ALL eyes fell onto me......... and heads didn't turn away for a good few minutes. But, I guess that's understandable considering that I was wearing a cosume while carrying a large prop weapon into a bank ^_^

    That same year, me and a friend went to McDonalds for breakfast - and of course the whole place was pack full of otaku. While standing in line, a cosplayer dressed like the Burger King walks though the door and stands in line to order food :blink: The McDonalds staff were in tears!

  2. Now for the hotel. Well of course because this was a last minute decision all the hotels with Otakon rates were completely booked!!! So I shopped around some more, and made reservations at the Bestwestern. I'll admit it's not close to the con, but it only cost us $89.00 a night with a full breakfast every morning. And did I mention that they also offer a free shuttle to the convention center, and other parts of downtown!!! The shuttle runs from 7am to 11:30 pm. So if we miss the last shuttle we will probably catch a cab or something. Especially on Saturday night. So those are the ways that we have cut cost last minute. I mean like I booked everything 2 days ago.
  3. I had an otakon nightmare not too long ago...

    I dreamt that it was friday morning - the day of the con - and I had nothing prepared. I wasn't packed, my cosplay wasn't done, I had no money, no hotel, and my job called and demanded that I work that day. I went to work pissed off and I sat there angry that all my friends were at the con and that I was missing the concert. The dream felt pretty realistic actually - which is why I consider it a nightmare.

  4. I have tickets to the VAMPS concert Thursday, so I'll be bypassing Thursday pick-up for the first time ever. We plan to stroll over on Friday morning about 10ish in order to miss most of the line then.

    I wonder if the concert will have a huge effect on the Thursday line? Like, everyone goes to the concert instead of waiting, so there's no one in line. hmm...

  5. -Personal Stats-

    Name (First name or Alias):: Lauren

    Age:: 24

    Male or Female:: Female

    Do you need sleep at a con? God yes..... otherwise I'll turn into a zombie thats not very friendly

    Drink or smoke:: neither.... though I sometimes drink socially. I dont drink at otakon because being drunk [or being around drunks ] is not fun

    Tell us about yourself:: Im a college student from DC and this will be my 5th otakon. I wanna go on thursday and stand in the pre reg line with the other crazies - just to see what its like. I also like to cosplay and look forward to some photoshoots

    -Convention Stats-

    Do you go to panels? I love panels!

    Do you attend the dances/raves? I dont care for the raves.... its too hot and steamy and Im afraid I'll get hit with a glow stick. Late Friday and Saturday I prefer to watch the yaoi

    Do you spend any time gaming? No, fanboys in the gaming room wont let me. But I will bring my DS and pitochat people. and if the new kingdom hearts DS game comes out in time then I'll definately play that with people!

    Do you participate or go to the masquerade? I never miss the masquerade

    Do you cosplay? Oh yes

    Are you staffing or volunteering at the con? Nope

    What do you spend most of your time doing while attending the convention? I try to make the most of the con by doing a bit of everything [except the rave]. I also like to walk around the inner harbor in cosplay and scare the locals

  6. As one of the Line monkeys who last year was there when the line formed weds night, and was there for when It wrapped around the building. WEAR SUNSCREEN, and as has been said many times before, Lots of water. And as for holding your place in line, Make friends with the people in front of and behind you. Its a pretty good way to hold your place.
  7. If there's anything I want to do as soon as I get into Baltimore, it's wait in line for 6 hours in the hot sun instead of chilling in my hotel room, taking a relaxing swim, grabbing a bite to eat, walking around the city, seeing the sites, and casually waiting in line for about an hour in the evening to pick up my badge.

    But for those of you who don't take kindly to my sarcasm, I implore you, do stay hydrated and please be safe. :)

  8. Good question as I will also be driving from NYC to the con. How friendly (or tricky) is it towards those who are driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car? (Australia drives on the right hand side of the car and on the left hand side of the road.)

    I wouldn't drive from NYC to Baltimore. I would take the Train. Amtrak runs a comfortable and affordable service that takes 3 hours and about $60 one way to Baltimore. Greyhound Bus runs for $20 from Baltimore to DC and takes about 4 hours. If you are going to spend alot of time outside of Downtown, that is the only time I would drive from NYC to Baltimore. Parking can easily run for three days anywhere between $30 and $50.

  9. In the past few years people have made standing in line Thursday night an event in its own. I haven't done this personally - I only drive up from DC, stare at awe at all the people, pick up my badge, and then go back home. This year however I am thinking about being a bit more adventurous. I would like to try and get in line early with all the other nutcases to see what it's like. :ph34r:

    I'm sure that any staffers reading this post will tell me one of two things:

    1. Don't get in line early

    2. drink water until you drown

    I will bring plenty of water with me - I am not a newbie and I am well aware of what Baltimore summers are like. But I would like to here from people who've been in the Thursday pre-reg line what their experiences were. What did you do in line? What's it like? Other than water, what should you bring with you while waiting? Post your stories here.

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