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  1. It does and has happened at past cons, Otakon or otherwise. This isn't necessarily directed at you, Duelist, but before you plan to have even a low-key party with your fellow congoers, double-check with the hotel's front-desk staff that they're okay with it. The Sheraton and (if I remember correctly) the Hyatt are strictly no party hotels. And keep in mind that the better-behaved you are in general, the more likely it is that the hotel will turn a blind eye to you rooming with five or six of your closest friends.
  2. Hopefully, if that's true, it's a "responsible party" hotel. Keep in mind while you party that your behavior reflects on the convention - and can potentially affect Otakon's ability to negotiate inexpensive rates for room blocks. Bonehead stunts like playing in and with traffic, or pushing plants into elevators, will almost certainly push rates up - or make con rates impossible at some hotels. Conversely, acting responsibly, not trashing rooms, and not broadcasting that you've managed to squeeze 20 people into one hotel room (...or even trying to squeeze more than 6 in at all) is a simple w
  3. I was Aeris from FF7 and my friend was yoruichi from bleach. We left our hotel saturday morning and went to McDonalds for breakfast. Of course the place was PACKED full of otaku and cosplayers. The McDonalds staff had huge grins on their faces and were having a merry old time serving all the otaku. When it was my time to order the women just stood there looking at me. She said, ".... and what are you supposed to be?" I just said I was a video game character - 'cause it's not like she would know anyway [lol]. Still not taking my order she begins to tell me this story, "...... the other da
  4. hmmmmmm........ 50 million for cosplay costumes? that's dangerous for me. My apartment would be filled to the ceiling with cosutmes: 1. Final Form Sora, Saix, or Axel from KH2 2. Renji and Hitsugaya from Bleach........ maybe even hitsugaya's Bankai, in some fashion 3. Vegeta from DBZ....... please, I love him 4. any Freya or Chii outfit from Chobits....... all of them look hard to do. 5. Kaitou Jeanne full outfit from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne [my dream cosplay] 6. Takiko Okuda, Limdo, or Tomite from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden ......... and finally JUST Cl
  5. I just reserved a double room at the Holiday Inn!! This is the first time I've gotten a room at this hotel and I've heard its the otakon party hotel.
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