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  1. Yea, the lightrail is nothing compared to other train systems in major cities. But as long as you don't look like a hopelessly vulnerable tourist, then you'll be okay riding the train.
  2. I'm going as Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight. I'm pretty impressed with myself since I have half of my cosplay and I've only spent $26! Gotta love the magical thrift store
  3. there's a convenience store in the Bank of America building across the street from the convention center. they sell pocky in there too
  4. Board without a ticket, and you may find out--to the tune of a hefty ticket (I think it's $100 or so). They're checked by roving teams of uniformed inspectors, usually backed by transit police with arrest powers.
  5. you'll definately find people D Gray Man and naruto groups - that won't be a problem at all. and you can arrange those photoshoots on ww.cosplay.com: D Gray-man thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=162380 Naruto thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=158920 you can look around and find other people doing the same cosplay as you here: http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12 that's otakon's thread on cosplay.com
  6. Considering One Piece is my favorite series, I'd be honored to convince you otherwise. However it should best be noted that other people are able to dive into this topic better than I can. More than one fan has more than one view on how One Piece is not only a great series. (but to some, the best series) First I'd say that the characters more or less speak volumes within the realm of how the series has its merits. They all had in some way shape or form some tragedy that in turn shapes them into the people they are, but they literally tug at your heartstrings. Secondly you literally n
  7. I was in a Border's Bookstore in Silver Spring, MD [a suburb of washington, dc] and while walking around I saw this guy wearing an Otakon T-shirt. I was on my cell phone when I saw him and I gasped...... mainly because otakon and other forms of otaku culture don't enter my normal everyday life like that. It was a slight shock. He turned around and looked and me. I told him that I've been to that con before, and he just smiled.
  8. Were you thinking I was hating on those two? I hope not. Because while I don't enjoy them they existed and are entertaining for several people. Heck, Naruto contributed to make more new anime fans.
  9. I am going to the con regardless. going to conventions a few times a year breaks the normal routine of my life and keeps me sane. It's worth every penny.
  10. Otakon is coming up too fast. Im not doing so great financially and I was just at Katsucon a few weeks ago. :::: sigh :::: this hobby is more expensive than crack [..... not that I would know ]
  11. as you'll learn, you are never really alone at this con. you will most likely run into someone or a group of people who share your same interests during the course of the weekend. i've never traveled to a con by myself, but i certainly wouldnt be shy to do so because i know from personal experience that I will run into someone - either a friend or a stranger - who i could hang out with. and as far as the city goes, you dont have to travel far to get something to eat. there's plenty of places around the convention center and inner harbor. there's even a food court you can get to by walkin
  12. @onsenmark: I see that your location is southeastern, VA - there is another con down there called Nekocon. They are located in Hampton, VA. That con is coming up, I think, in june. But still definately try and make it to otakon!
  13. I think people line up for the DR because they think they're gonna get something rare that's going to sell out quickly... or some limited edition whatever. From what I've seen there's nothing super rare that you're not going to be able to get. There is that vender, "Science Fiction Continuum" that sells 10 manga for $40 at first come first serve basis.... still, not worth standing in a line wasting 3 hours of convention time. On the other hand, if there is really nothing going on that you find interesting Friday morning, and you enjoy drawing private parts on Nintendo DS pictochat, th
  14. any type of cell phone accessory to make my phone look cute. they have the best accessories it seems. also - tights, leg warmers, and shoes in all styles - but shoes that will actually fit my size 9 foot.
  15. Katsucon's masquerade had a 'no yaoi skit' rule - and as a result, 95% of the skits were excellent. this is just my personal opinion but generally a lot of otakon's skits in the past have made me groan. is there a simple way otakon can rectify the skits before getting on stage and make sure they have quality?
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