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  1. I just finished watching Freedom. I enjoyed it a lot, though I wish it were longer.
  2. in the past I've cosplayed on friday and saturday and then wear regular clothes on sunday. but even on the first 2 days i wont wear the costumes the entire day. I'll go back to my room and change in the evening.... maybe. sunday is a hard day to cosplay because you have to check out of your hotel room and make sure all 20 people in your room are checked out . doesnt leave you much time to get to the con. but when and how long you cosplay is up to you. everyone has a different system
  3. this past otakon on friday i did run into a Limdo cosplay, a character from fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden. i turned fangirl really quickly and started taking mad pics. the cosplayer was so happy that i actually reconized her. as for me, i'm working on a gaku namikiri costume from absolute boyfriend. i dunno if anyone will reconize me, unless they read shojo manga. my friend is also going as yuki from the same manga.
  4. Gorillaz? are you talking about the music group?
  5. showing the 2nd and 3rd Bleach movies would be super popular
  6. that's really tourturous.... the japanese guests keep getting better and better each year
  7. I came across Devil Hunter Yohko DVD set for $26 on amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Devil-Hunter-Yohko-C...3520&sr=8-5 this is the complete collection which has eps 1-6 on it for $26. this is worth getting instead of purchasing "DHY collection 1 and 2", which are on sale for $26 each [and that doesnt make much sense]. also, ep. 4 isnt an episode... it's just a collection of several music videos.
  8. I think I PM'd you a link to a good site where you can get a quite nicely-made Night Class outfit.. let me know if you want any help.
  9. during my wait for the summer-of-awesome coming up, i'll save up my money and just buy a kaname kuran cosplay. i COULD make one, buuuuuut I wanna look decent and my sewing skills simply suck. he's not a cheap character to go as, but i gotta go as him and just splurge
  10. not going to otakon is not a option. i will make it there even if i have to sleep in the streets with the bums. [i'll bring a sleeping bag for that] but in all seriousness - i throw some money in my savings account for these cons and by the time the con comes I actually have a good amount to get me through the weekend. katsucon is going to be tight but i'm going to that one too
  11. I'm watching Paranoia Agent and Genshiken 2. and I'm reading Vampire Knight, Bakuman, Bleach, and Skip beat
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