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  1. Oh definitly yes. I tend to lean more towards the oldies (outlaw star being one of my all time favorites) so I'd love to have an oldies night just so I could meet more people who are into them. So few people seem to like them nowadays. And a yaoi room... I don't think I could ever leave.
  2. I loved this video! good job. it was hilarious and you also had awesome music choice. BTW, i took your picture as tasuki. i was so shocked to see fushigi yuugi cosplayers there
  3. - there's definately the elite among cosplayers. you see this very clearly on cosplay.com and other sites - i think fanfic writers should be closer to the bottom of the chart, because anyone can write fanfics - whether they have writing skills or not - maybe bloggers and podcasters should be on the list. this takes a lot of skill and charisma so maybe closer to the top
  4. oh I think I know who he is......... he had that perfect movie voice, right? wow
  5. we should all see Genshiken so we can laugh at ourselves
  6. - Trinity Blood - I personally dont know anyone who likes this show very much other than cosplayers.... and I must say their costumes look fantastic, even if they had to take out bank loans to make them - DBZ - I like this series but i think it should have stopped after the cell saga. HOW many times can you really blow up the earth? - evangelion - this would be my fave show if it were just more down to earth and not so effing crazy. you can definately sense the creator's depression while watching this series. plus i happen to think i'm kinda smart so i dont like not being able to fi
  7. everyone in this thread has systematically listed every anime! lol
  8. this could potentially be a really good movie, if they stay true to the original anime series. i would also like to see angelina jolie be faye and what about Christain bale as Vicious? he did a good job in the dark knight with that raspy cool-sounding voice! oh and the dragonball movie looks like ass. god, what were they thinking.....
  9. this thread makes me feel better about myself and my sad financial situation. i am also having money woes after otakon - even though i didn't spend that much this year [roughly $300]. doesn't help that I'm a student AND i currently can't find a job.... freakin' economy.........
  10. I read your whole story - i'm sorry you had that experience. there's nothing more annoying than going out to eat to a nice place and not getting good service. i used to work in a resturant, so here's some advice for future reference: explain everything that's wrong with your meal/service to the manager well in advance and before you pay. that makes a huge difference. this way, the manager can explain things and, in most cases, take responsiblity. he/she will also know that you're not pleased and you could've recieved a discount. it sounded like from your story that you were waiting roughly 2 h
  11. their food's okay... a little overpriced, but that's expected given the location. i still think chipotle and baja fresh taste better and are worth the price
  12. I didn't when I went in there to eat. but the place was packed consistantly the entire weekend so maybe the staff was tired. it happens. I feel for them having worked in retail myself once.
  13. If I'm reading this wrong then I apologise from the start but if you're suggesting that a premiere night movie is more boring than a baseball game then that's all a matter of taste. Some people are fans of Harry Potter and since the movie will have been pushed back from Nov. 2008 to July 2009 then I suspect that they'd really want to see it just like you and several other will really want to see the baseball game. Back on subject though it would be fun maybe to have a mini gathering out by the waterfalls to meet up with people who we all chat with in the forums?
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