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  1. i really wanna go and check it out since i am originally from the philly area - but the con is in the middle of nowhere and hard to get to if you dont have a car. plus i wanted to save on money and stay with relatives - but they are in Media and I don't think there's a direct route there
  2. I wasnt someone who RSVPed because I knew I wouldnt be able to go anyway - but in the future I am interested in going. I actually have never been to a Japanese resturant before. I have had Japanese food at like the cherry blossom festival and other places, but it would be nice to try some new food with other otakus. but perhaps have a food meet up on sunday after the con - or much later on thursday. then, before having the meet up have a few people hand out or put up flyers [i would volunteer to do this] or maybe have a handful of people with signs advertising it while in the pre-reg line
  3. the caramelldansen dance is not obselete.... so many people were doing it i was tripping over them all over the con. here's one that i filmed on sunday afternoon:
  4. I'll be at AUSA with my anime club. I'll be helping out with the club's artist alley table. You'll see me if you come by and look for the "DC anime club" table
  5. how about one video room that'll marathon one series for the whole con. it could be labeled something like, "a series that you need to see", like: cowboy bebop, evangelion, trigun, FMA, etc...
  6. Let's all walk around the inner harbor and do random Hare Hare Yukai and Caramelldansen dances
  7. you guys are crazy counting down already, lol. well i guess i'm crazy too..... i have my hotel already
  8. Nice article - I would like to know if there was any other press at the con. I've noticed that the Baltimore news didn't have a news report like they normally do. I kinda enjoy that because it makes me laugh at how new stations report the con.
  9. otakon has such a strong energy that i think everyone can feel it - and when it ends, so does that engery. it's like eating a donut and getting a mid-day sugar rush - and then feeling the rush drop. i definately felt the "depression" after the con. the monday after i was walking down the sidewalk to work and thinking to myself, "wow today feels so normal". but since i live in the washington, dc metro area I have the option of going to Anime USA and Katsucon - 2 cons that'll hold me over and keep my sanity
  10. there has to be a regular movie theater somewhere around the inner harbor thats walking distance.........
  11. No it's S.Meyers evil witchcraft doing it as Twilight just got bumped up from December to November liek when HP was supposed to be releases! Well now for sure I am planning nap hours and such accordingly!
  12. I am excited because I just learned that the harry potter movie release date will be during the same weekend as otakon next year! i mean, wow. you had the same thing with the 7th book release last year during otakon. i think j.k. rowling and warner bros. are doing this on purpose
  13. a big hilight for me was getting kappei yamaguchi to sign my death note!
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