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  1. There was one dealer [i forget the name] that was selling sorta rare anime items from lesser popular shows. thats were i got most of my stuff - particularly the hikaru no go stuff . anyway, thank you otakon for having that dealer! i hope to see them again oh - and the Onmyodo sneakers are hotness. i am definately buying their shoes with my next paycheck
  2. i dunno I like the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore..... I stayed there last year and enjoyed it. the rooms are huge [even the singles] and i found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. I stayed at the days this year but i had a friend stay there and she had nothing but praise too. it's also very close to Mcdonalds, 7/11, dunkin donuts, etc for quick, cheap eats
  3. I agree with having something on thursday night - but i think anything at the baseball park would be very expensive. personally i am not interested in baseball. i think it would be cool to reserve a whole resturant on thursday for otakon and everyone go there in cosplay. [people do this anyway but instead of normal people going it would only be congoers]
  4. Place I stayed: Days Inn Number of people in room: 7 Hotel Staff: Very friendly and willing to help and work with you on problems. I had a credit card situation Walk to the con center: 1 min.... right across the street The bad: rooms are small..... 'course I did have 7 people in there..... The good: the hotel staff and the location [in between the con and the arena] * I won't stay here again because the rooms and bathrooms are too small. I booked my room for next year at the Lord Baltimore. I do remember their rooms being rather large.
  5. I saw this crazy geek gathering and took pictures. it was like a cult with them yelling stuff out and pointing to the glass ceiling. I would really like for someone to explain this whole "awesome" thing to me. it's hilarious but I'm also thinking that otakon is probably annoyed by it. someone has to go up there and peel it off
  6. - Lots of manga - a Death Note - Hikaru no Go poster and pin - Gundam Wing DVD boxset - got a free Gurren Laggan poster from the Bandai exhibit Didn't buy much this year, even though I had the money [strange, huh....]
  7. If the weather in Baltimore were a lot cooler I think I would stand in line on Thursday just once to see what it's like. Buuuuuut I simply can't justify sitting/standing in the heat and possibly getting sick. I would be miserable. I will be coming to the BCC today after 6pm after work when there is no line. maybe i'll take a few pics of cosplayers
  8. That would be Bodyworlds 2. It's taking place at the Maryland Science Center this summer. I know b/c me & my group may be going to that Sunday after the con if we can.
  9. i've never had japanese beer before [or sake].... i tend to like sweet drinks. the only beer i like is that belgium beer, 'blue moon'. is japanese beer sweet like blue moon or bitter and stronge? and Flying Scotsman - in yoru first post, did you copy/paste the email you received or did you write that? if you didnt write that i am kinda amazed by how baltimore businesses are gearing up for us!
  10. there's a really cool human body museum in the inner harbor that i'm interested in. you get to see what it looks like inside a human body - cool stuff
  11. I really wanna see "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" - havent been able to find subs of that. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of drama with the crunchyroll and fansubber vs industry panel. i might bring some popcorn to those also Im excited about the Jam Project concert - it'll be my first otakon concert that I'll go to. the only thing is, all the 18+ panels that i wanna go to are happening at the same time
  12. hahaha finally you're on the otakon forms!

  13. while flipping through the otakon pages of A Fan's View and remembering what I saw at previous otakons, i do remember seeing a lot of uncommon and unique anime shows and characters being cosplayed - but there are also a lot of the bleach and narutos as we've mentioned. but i think those popular ones stand out the most because they're popular and what people are chatting about the most. also, if you are cosplaying as an uncommon character/series and people don't reconize you - that could be a good or bad thing depending on what you want. ask yourself why are you cosplaying...... is it to
  14. I finished my first cosplay and got the last piece of it in the mail today from ebay [phew....] and i am currently tweaking my 2nd costume. i think the hardest thing i'm doing right now is trying not to spend my money until otakon........ it's been rather hard . i keep telling myself when i walk past a store not to buy anything because i'd rather have my money go towards the dealer's room
  15. i'm sure at some point we'll get to see this ad on youtube in the future
  16. I don't know how some people are able to pull that off. I always go to sleep by 11 so I can get up early on Fri.
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