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  1. Well there is a FUNimation channel on comcast ONDemand so been watching there stuff. (^.^)// Cant believe you have to pay 99 cents for D.Grey Man but whatever the english dub is bad anyway... Iv been interested in Jyu-oh-sei. Its pretty cool story plot and the openings beat sounds alright. Hope they update more episodes soon. Also been watching marmalade boy and ouran. Ouran dub isnt bad its just i have to get used to the voice actors voice on there characters. Honeys char sounds like a little girl. I kno hes suppose to be cute but come on. There is more rant on the voices but ill leave i
  2. Well, iv always wanted to get in line before pre reg started. Maybe do it this yr. My group always get there around 7 or 8. The line goes really fast. I do want the adventure, and to start my otakon before the usual time. Im definetly bringin my camara for pre reg line up. The cosplays are still good no matter when you go!
  3. Yes I have dreamed about otakon too. I think I have had 2 of them. One was normal and the other not so normal. One of them had Otakon in a mall with a whole bunch of people i knew over the yrs. Creepy....0_0 I usually get them around convention buzz. I know they registrations open during january so dream then. When its time for the upcoming months there is a new one. Then when its a few weeks before it i have one. Its all planned out it my brain. lol ^0^
  4. Well Im thinking about going lolita this yr. Cant decided on Gothic or Pretty? I have seen really cute ones online. Im not skilled in making clothes. Iv only made pants and little items, so dresses im going to mess it up on something important. If I cant be lolita, >.< maybe ill where my kimono again this yr. I want to cosplay and maybe this yr ill make up my face. Ill try to be traditional. ^-^
  5. Well since I dont have much money to buy dvd's I'v been watching the anime onDemand Comcast OnDemand xxxholic Suzuka Black Cat Azumanga Diaho (watching again and again) School Rumble I got 2dvds at the best buy sale. Shuffle and Negima?! The Girl Who Lept Through Time (Had to finish watching from Otakon 08) Code Geass Also been watching asian dramas Fated to love you Hana Kimi (again) Yamada Taro Monogatari Boys Before Flowers and Waiting to watch show called Extravagant Challenge
  6. Otakon is my stress reliever. I need it in order to function, even tho im at risk of loosing my job *knock on wood* and not having lots of money to spend, will not stop me from going. It is my vacation and the recession will not stop my otakuness. Thanx Otakon for stickin around to serve us Otaku's in need!!!
  7. I wanna join the fun! -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Keiana Age:: 17 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? Yes bout 5hrs Drink or smoke:: Will never smoke and not legal yet 2drink Tell us about yourself:: Will be my 3rd yr 2 Otakon. Outgoing, funny and stupid rolled into one. Wish to meet new peoples -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? Once that have to do with traveling to Japan Do you attend the dances/raves? I have to! They are my techno fix for the yr. Do you spend any time gaming? Love gaming. Didnt have time last yr th
  8. Yea otakon is coming fast this yr. Its already march... Well my job is pretty stable so ill have at least $100 saved for the dealers room. (well if i don't spend on something else) Kant wait for the guess the guest contest and the activities schedule up on the site. (I had a crazy dream bout otakon *o*)
  9. We usually listen to the radio for 20mins till we get out of Pa. Then we crank up the ipod tunes with all japanese music and anime music. We had a mixture of Jpop/Jrock/R&B etc. We do songs that we can dance and also ones were we can sing. Last yr tho we watched gurren lagen so no anime music that time.
  10. I want a japanese made phone. They have the wallpaper for your phone and you can just downloading by taking a pic of the square barcode. I also heard people get free stuff whenever you take pics of them. something like that. Of course I cant buy one of them in the dealers room. (>.<) Im hoping to go this summer but i wont need a japanese phone for only 3 months.
  11. Well it may be the same people i go with every yr. My 4 best friends. I may force 2 of my other friends to go so they can get the full experence of being otaku's and not staying in the closet about being one. I cant wait. I may go to japan tho this summer so if that works out then my friends will have to go with out me and take plenty of pics. We are the big otaku's around are area!
  12. So my friend sent me the video on Youtube for show. It is so cute. (^///^) Its kinda like a history lesson but with a twisted and its adorable. I wondered where I can find it. I wanted to buy it. I went on there website and saw somethin bout 2009 but cant fully translate the important stuff. Anyone have info? (To find it search Hetalia Axis Powers English Subbed)
  13. Well has anyone played KH Re:CoM. I find that game incredibly stupid. The card game system is confusing to play. I kinda understand it but you have to match up the card with the enemys card and its alot to go through in order to win. Also the potion card doesnt even heal sora. Its just wasted space. Im finding the game difficult to play. Has anyone had problems too?
  14. Im now making money so i really want Otakon to come! Im gonna at least come with $400 so i can buy...everything!!! I really cant wait to hear about the guest and the activites and the new anime that comes out so i can buy merchandise at the Dealers Room!!! But what I really cant wait for is... Being around fello otakus. Being in the real world sucks when you dont have many supporters! In 4 days it will be 2009 YEA!!!
  15. Well I really dont know what my budget will look like this yr. Im "staying in a friends family house" but with the way its goin now I really dont know anymore. i have a job but that pay sucks because of the "R word" Also Savin money for a car. So I hope to have money for 2009. Im trying to save bout $400 this yr.
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