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  1. Death Note, Ouran, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Lucky Star. I need nothing more then those. xD
  2. Dude, can you say, 'Overly pumped for the Masquerade.'? xDD I get excited every time I think about it, but that's pretty reasonable considering I constantly watch skits online. I just wish I had a big group of cosplaying friends to do a skit with. ;_; Also the AMV contest, taking pictures...I could go on. ^^;
  3. Oh, I keep forgetting to ask. Is this whole thing going to be extremely organized or really random? The TV Sized version or the Full 3 minute version? I want to be ready. :3 Also, if it's the full version, my brother won't be dancing with us. He's too lazy to learn it. xDD
  4. For a program for the recording and editing, I highly recommend Audacity. You can have multiple tracks playing at the same time. (Music and Voices) It's also pretty easy to figure out. Oh, did I mention it's free? Even better. Here's the link: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
  5. GAH! Thank you SO much. X_x I just recently hit my breaking point of tolerance with Windows Movie Maker, which wasn't all that impressive to begin with. I'm definatly going to go though these.
  6. I actually have... God...five videos on youtube of my friends and myself doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance. xD I also have two of me doing both versions of the Lucky Star dance. :3 *Uber Nerd*
  7. Whoa, so many Aizens! xD I'm going as gigai Rukia. :3 Hurray for contact lenses. And my brother is going as shinigami Aizen. They'll be an onslaught of traitors! o:
  8. I'll be getting a ride courtesy of my brother, my step dad, and my mom. YAY FOR BEING THE ONLY ONE THAT DOESN'T HAVE TO DRIVE! And for living in North Eastern PA. I'm not too close, and not too far. :3
  9. Now, there only one thing... I'd hate to be the stupid n00b that makes everyone mad, but this will be our first time at Otakon. So, we need a spot that would be easy for use to find.
  10. Two more! :3 My brother and I are in. I don't even know why I bothered asking him. xDD
  11. If your going as L on sunday, Ill be glad to meet up and cosplay with you
  12. It'll be my first cosplay experience! o: YAY! Bleach - Rukia - Winter School Uniform Ouran High School Host Club - Haruhi Fujioka - Male Uniform Death Note - L :3 Aside from L, I picked mostly people my height. YAY SHORTNESS!
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