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  1. It seems to be tradition now that I drop loads of money in the DR for DVDs I'm not able to get during the school season. I would get them but my attention goes else where. Now since it's college this time, even more distractions!


    .hack//Roots DVD 1-6

    Code Geass DVD 1-2

    DBZ S1 Boxset

    Gurren Lagann Sub DVD 1-2

    Lucky Star DVD 1-2

    My-HiME DVD 7

    My Otome DVD 4-5

    Yu Yu Hakusho S1 Boxset

    FMA Manga 15-16

    Death Note wallscroll

    Sunshine Sketch Manga 1

    BLU Spy employee tag

    Not Pictured: DBZ Boxset 2-4, Code Geass wallscroll, Pani Poni Dash wallscroll

  2. I've got 3 classes up my sleeves....Scout, Spy and Sniper. All BLU.

    I also know a decent number of people from TF2Chan that are coming as well not listed on the coscom thread. I didn't think it would be this popular yet O_O

  3. I look you Youtube, Veoh, and other video hosting sites for the action of Otakon to see if I'm in it/all the crazy stuff that happened. It just makes my PCB worst since Otakon is the only con I go to! I would head to Katsu, but I haven't the funds.

    So I just look forward to what shall happen next year.

  4. I try to make my costumes since I get more satisfaction out of making it. But then I'm afraid people will think it'll suck so I end up buying parts if I think it looks bad.

    This year, I'm buying a suit and making a baklava from what I've thought of so far.

  5. 2) Tremont is good except for the distance. They have a free shuttle that'll take you to the convention (but i'd tip the driver a couple bucks anyways - for 4 or 5 people, that's not much). Maximum number of people officially is four. But I have...*coughcough* heard *coughcough* that there have been more. Even up to 8. But doing so is at your own risk and at the discretion of the hotel on what they'll do if they find out.
  6. @ PartyVan: Yea, same here. I only knew the series of 2 of the badges, now I still only know 3, lol.

    @ calculusman: Agreed.

    But yes, I'm hoping for more badges I'll recognize the series of. i have expanded my knowledge of series since then so I hope for something!

  7. The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube cannot speak. In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.


    Portal was really a mind game. I Youtube'd after level 15 since I was stuck :mellow: yea, I cheated, lol.

    But I did buy the Orange Box. <3333333 TF2. If anyone wants to play, drop me a PM >>

  8. 2 questions from me I guess.

    1) There's other hotels I'm looking into, specifically the Radisson and Shearton Inner City. However, the Radisson said they were booked and the Sheraton claimed they weren't taking any more reservations from December 5th. I really want one of these hotels for the price since I really don't feel like paying the 219 at the Tremont with my budget with my friends. When would be a good time to call the hotels in hope that someone canceled?

    2) If I happen to get stuck at the Tremont, what is the maximum number of people you can have in a room?


  9. Ah, well '07 was my first year but I can tell my story:

    - Woke up @ 8 PM

    - Prepared for a 3 hour car ride

    - Dropped my Grandmother at my Aunt's house

    - Continued to the Radisson where we arrived around 1pm

    - Got in line just when it started to drizzle

    - 2.5 hours later, got my badge

    - Stayed at the hotel overlooking the activities book

    - Slept

    Although, there was supposed to be a Gaia meeting we had planned but I circled around the area we were supposed to meet but didn't find my friends. Hopefully we'll be able to find each other this year. Any one interest and a fellow Gaian. Feel free to PM me, I can give you the link to the thread.

    But I must say, for being my first convention and Otakon, it was a nice feeling. Easily tops as one of the 3 best weekends I've ever had. Sad how I could only stay for 2 days : \

  10. Keep in mind, too, that Otakon actively hunts down bootlegs (which is not to say we get them all), so that eliminates a lot of the bogus merchandise that often fills the "hard-to-find" niche in hotel-based cons.

    This is why I love the DR so much. I can look at the actaul thing I'm buying before I buy it and make sure it's the real thing. I'm looking for cheaper box sets online as of late and more often than not it's priced low because it'a a bootleg and not the actual nice box set that I want.

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