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  1. Pre-Reg: $55 MTA Day Passes (4)- $14 Food: $26 (Hard Rock, Chinese x2, fries from Aramark, nachos at 711) Dealers Room: $90 (Doll outfit, Pinky :st, plushie, parasol, chopsticks, figure, notebooks, etc) Artist Alley: $25 (stickers, plushie, original painting, hair bow) Total: $210. I'm local so no hotel, I ate breakfast and dinner at home, and I never eat a really big lunch. I really don't like that much in the dealers room, and I don't ever buy prints, and most original paintings are totally out of my price range. Not to mention I'm super picky about the art I buy. I got pretty
  2. I'm showing up at 5-5:30. just because I have nothing better to do with my time, and I'm meeting up with some people at 7:20.
  3. Which do you prefer for the con? Debit card or cash? I'm trying to decide how I'm going to split my money up between the two... I like cash because pretty much everyone accepts it, and it's easy to use... But I like my debit card because if I lose it my money is protected, not to mention no one besides me can you use it (It has my picture on it), but not every dealer accepts cards. So how do you split your money up? 50/50? 100% cash? 100% card?
  4. -Classic video game characters, like Sonic, and Mario. -Gunslinger Girl -Elfin Lied -Pokemon! -And a fairly generic badge for people who can't find another badge with a character they like... Like maybe one with just a non-character anime style drawing or something.
  5. I'm "officially" going alone. A bunch of people I know/friends will be there, but there's no one I'm going to meet up and hang around with the whole time I'm there. I'm a bit nervous, as I'm socially stupid when I'm alone, but I'll deal
  6. I'm planning on $250 for spending, and about $100 for my costume at Otakon. My birthday is July 12, so my grandma (who is awesome) is buying me my pre-reg for my birthday, and I live 30 minutes from the BCC, so I'm not spending money on a hotel, just taking public transit in. I'll eat breakfast/dinner at home, and hit up some cheap fast food for lunch. So I'm planning $10 for 3 days of transport, $25 for 3 days of food, which leaves $215 for the dealers room and artists alley. I don't think I'll even spend the $215, because I don't ever really find much aside from little knick-knacks and the s
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