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  1. Death Note comes on at 1:00 AM but it's still got phenomenal ratings. All depends on how bad you wanna see the show.
  2. With an unlimited amount of funds, I would try to make as many cosplays from my "I wanna do that sometime" list as I can. Some are rather expensive, some are not. But funds and time are key to both.
  3. I'd been wondering when it would finally show up, but hadn't seen any previews for it. I'll definitely double check it on the 26th. Thanks!
  4. I usually only cosplay on Sunday if I'm wearing a comfy costume. One that I can drive home in and not have to change my clothes in the parking garage. But there are others out there that will cosplay all three days without fail (four if you count Thursday).
  5. I originally posted this info in another thread, but I've made one addition since then. I must be nuts.... This year I plan on: -- Cisqua, Elemental Gelade -- Spica, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok -- Souseiseki, Rozen Maiden -- Seth Nightlord, Trinitiy Blood The first two should be finished for a con in April. The rest will be complete for Ota, or so I hope. *keeps fingers crossed*
  6. I've been making my own costumes since 2003. Before that (stretching back to 1997), my friend Rin made my costumes for me. I've learned alot from her as far as sewing and construction. Even took a sewing class for myself. But I continue to learn and improve my skills with each outfit I make. It's frustrating some times, but it's also fun.
  7. Aside from hotel costs, I try to keep my sepnding within $250. About $60 for food (at least one real meal a day) and the remainder for artist alley and the dealer's room. It goes without saying if I decide to use the credit card, but that's usually only on something I MUST have (or last minute spending on Sunday =P).
  8. What I'm looking for in the Dealer's Room this year: * Code Geass art book * Kyo Kara Maoh art books * volume 8 of the Petit Monster manga * the Vampire Knight cell phone strap I'm missing * the remaining Fate/Hollow Axtera figures I didn't get last year * any novelty for Rozen Maiden * any novelty for Detective Conan * any novelty for Blood+ * any plushies that simply scream "BUY ME!" Strangely, that's more than I thought I'd look for (and more than I can afford at one con). =P
  9. Much like Aresef, Thursday is a warm up day. I live in south central PA (not far from Baltimore, but enough to make a commute a pain in the butt), so my friends and I pick up our badges Thursday night (around 8 the lines are faboo), drive home and chill until early Friday when we leave for the hotel. Checking in on Friday is also a pain (especially since I'm a cosplayer), but I'm happy to say we have the hotel room thursday night this year, so I foresee much more relaxation pre-con.
  10. I'm hoping to have one or both of the following completed: -- Philia Felice, Tales of Destiny -- Souseiseki, Rozen Maiden I may also bring the following (assuming they're done too): -- Cisqua, Elemental Gelade -- female student, Negima Anything else will be taken from the ol' cosplay closet. And the list is always subject to change (my friends talk me into things at the last minute).
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